Find what you love

“The government is cutting music programmes in schools and slashing Arts grants as gleefully as a morbidly American kid in Baskin Robbins. So if only to stick it to the man, isn’t it worth fighting back in some small way? So write your damn book. Learn a Chopin prelude, get all Jackson Pollock with the kids, spend a few hours writing a Haiku. Do it because it counts even without the fanfare, the money, the fame and Heat photo-shoots that all our children now think they’re now entitled to because Harry Styles has done it.

Charles Bukowski, hero of angsty teenagers the world over, instructs us to “find what you love and let it kill you“. Suicide by creativity is something perhaps to aspire to in an age where more people know Katie Price better than the Emperor concerto.”

– James Rhodes,  ‘Find what you love and let it kill you

New confections

“French macarons are the new cupcakes.”
– The Coveted on Twitter

I definitely agree! Not to be confused with macaroons (English style cookies that the Famous 5 and their ilk liked to scoff), macarons are soft, pretty and tasty! Think of them like a delicious sandwich – 2 sides of delicious cookie, with a chewy ganache filling. The cookie parts are made out of ground almonds, egg white and sugar. The ganache flavours range from the original almond to lavender, pistachio, orange blossom; practically any delicately exotic flavour you can think of!

The macaron mothership is the famous Ladurée bakery, with locations across the globe: from Paris to London and Tokyo. It was founded in 1862; rose to fame sometime in the mid-century and today they sell over 15,000 macarons every day of the week…! That’s a lot of pleasure!

If Ladurée is the celadon queen of macarons in Paris, then Pierre Hermé is the playful delivery boy. They deliver their sensational macarons and baked goodies all over Europe – packaged in cheeky, stylish gift boxes.



Are you nowhere near Europe like moi, or just want to try making your own dainty cookies? Here’s a recipe for making some Ladurée  style chocolate treatsSerious Eats also offer up a really complete guide to making macarons, accompanied by tasty pictures that will make your mouth water.

Macaron Ring by Le Pink Chocolat

I reckon soon we’ll be seeing a lot more jewellery and images inspired by the wee macaron, as evidenced by Le Pink Chocolate’s etsy accessory treats… Yummy! So there you have it, macarons, the new cupcake… watch out for them everywhere!