Where are the lyrics to this sound to be found? I have seen various declarations such as “it’s about pancakes” (or hot dogs?), “the song is about 3 young ladies who fall into Marcel Duchamp by accident and decide to change their lives as a result” and mentions of hippos. Huh? Who knows!

At least your eyes don’t lie to you when you watch the My Heart Rate Rapid video. Yes, they are gyrating with giant iPod ear-buds. Oh Metronomy, my heart beats rapidly for you…

If you are in AKL on the 9th of January, you are in luck! Metronomy are playing with The Teenagers at the Kings Arms. And for those in Wellington on the 10th, you may enjoy the fine aural companionship of the two bands that night at Bar Bodega. But you have your tickets already, don’t you?


Elektrobank, directed by Spike Jonze and starring one Sofia Coppola. I have been scouring the internet for the last few days looking for the Miss Dior Cherie clip but alas, nothing yet. Dear Internet Goddesses, please provide!

However, I did stumble upon the iheartsofia youtube channel which made me feel loads better, and among the champagne ads and dreamy trailers was this gymnastics themed video:

Sigh. Sofia is my number one crush and inspiration. Is there anything she can’t do?