Darcy Clay – Jesus I Was Evil

I’m hitting all my Kiwi music favourites up on  Youtube today. In less than two weeks I’m making my regular February pilgrimage to the sweet shores of Aotearoa. I always get really nervous before a trip home – what if everything has changed? What if I’ve changed too much? What if none of my friends love me anymore? What if I decide I can’t leave again? I just become a stressed out knot of feelings. I’m not ready to leave London yet, but New Zealand in the summer is just so damn amazing…

Bees in the city

Adventures in brand land – agency Wolff Olins’  have hives on the roof of their Kings Cross studio here in London. I found this sweet, short video which explains how they came to be. (Pardon the pun.) 

There’s an old wives tale that you should tell your bees about births, deaths, and marriages…

Half a million secrets

My not-so secret? I’m a blubberer. I get weepy at tiny animals, internet onions, thoughts of home, and heart-warming stories of people being nice on the tube. I can trace it back to the first time I watched E.T. at my grandmother’s house, and spent the evening wiping my snotty nose into my sleeves. So when I saw Frank Warren’s, founder of  PostSecret, TED presentation, I lost it. Watch right through to the end, or skip ahead to 8:30.


I love plums. The smell of them takes me back to being a kid running loose in my aunt and uncle’s orchard. My tribe of cousins and I were forever in trouble for climbing the trees and attempting to scoff all the fruit before it was ripe (hello tummy aches). We’d tear strips of fluffy lichen off the plum trees, and fashion them as beards, and attempt to feed plums to the ponies in the next paddock. These delicious, juicy little fruits are in season now and what better way to make the most of their abundance than by making plum-cake? This recipe/video by Thomas Blanchard is particularly tasty – I love the floating typography.