Martha’s Backyard

With departure imminent, I am trying to tick all the Auckland boxes I have just never got round to…. One of these to-do’s was a visit to Martha’s Backyard, the local USA food and clothing emporium. I have no pictures of the shop, but a few photos of the bounty and some sub-par junk food reviews!


american bounty

  •  Eating Cheetos (for the first time) made me feel like I could understand the inner workings of Britney Spears. It’s corn crack! It makes you do stupid stuff. Like eat the whole packet in one mouthful…
  • I can’t believe there is a cereal version of my favourite imported candy! The Reese’s Puffs look like dog kibble but taste delicious or their own or with milk. Watch out though because they make your entire biosphere smell like peanut butter.
  • Eat. Spit. Be Happy. I had never imagined sunflower seeds as a snack – these BBQ ones were quite more-ish but were really messy with all the shelling and spitting. Good for mindless TV watching. Or sports.
  • Barnum’s Animals crackers seemed like the poor child’s version of the amazing animal biscuits I enjoyed as a kid in NZ. Our ones had fluro-coloured icing! The circus inspired packaging is super cute though.
  • “MoonPie, you were a let down.”
Moon Pie

There was also some Big Red soda which tasted just like cinnamon bubble gum. Next time? More soda, perhaps some Lucky Charms and wheatie, sugary Life cereal, some of those “smore” flavoured pop tarts (they have a big range), and yes, an essential tub of marshmallow whip…

Martha’s Backyard
A. 114 Lunn Ave, Remuera 1072
T. 09 570 7976