The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar

“Everything she said was like a secret voice speaking straight out of my own bones.”

A little tidbit I just learned: Sylvia Plath first published the The Bell Jar under the nom de plume Victoria Lucas.

Sylvia Plath

I’ve just finished reading it for the first time in, oh, ten years or so. The voice of Esther Greenwood is honest and raw, capturing what it’s like to feel control slipping away. I can’t believe it was published in 1963, because so much of it feels relevant to my experiences as a young(ish) woman today.

My favourite line from the book:

Then I folded the linen napkin and laid it between my lips and brought my lips down on it precisely. When I put the napkin back on the table a fuzzy pink lip-shape bloomed right in the middle of it like a tiny heart.