Desert boots

I’m a little obsessed with Tanner desert boots. I now own four pairs, and pretty much wear them exclusively…! Made in Spain, they are really good quality – withstanding my daily thrashing. They also come in a multitude of great colours, plus they’re less than £30 a pair.


Pink & Blue Desert Boots

White Sand Desert Boots



Navy Desert Boots

Cute, no? I get mine at Macsamillion Of Oxford, at Oxford’s Covered Market. Hey, did you know most high quality leather in Europe comes from Spain? I didn’t but it transpires it’s where most of the Italian fashion houses source theirs.


Gram design

Check out these awesome sneakers by Gram – I want them! I can imagine the green colourway being paired perfectly with black skinny jeans, while the crimson kicks could be matched with a simple white summer frock. Gram is a Swedish brand designed by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi, founded in Stockholm circa 2005.

From their design statement:

“In the weight of a shoe lies all it’s properties, expression, material, construction and quality. Weight reflects the simplicity of Gram, and also gives the impression of a shoe made to be used, designed to enhance the wearers own style without dictating or stealing attention.”

I have to disagree with one tiny pat of this – Gram shoes are sure to grab attention! Available from several global stockists such as Bloomingdales, and online from 111Vox.