Sunday afternoon in the city

Despite the calendar telling me it’s winter, I can’t quite believe it yet… There’s too much warm sunshine and colour everywhere. So what to do on a clear Sunday afternoon, with not much money and tummies full from breakfast galettes? The answer is walk, from the top of town to the bottom, from head to toe; peering in shiny windows packed with merchandise, and people watch, until the sun sets over the port.




Vintage friend

Kitchen aid

unity books


The White Lady

Tattooed lady

Container city


Just Alleluyah

The light is just so in the Alleluyah end of arcade; meaning I can’t help but try and record it every time I visit. And there’s one table in particular, made of old floorboards, that has me enraptured. I am trying to limit my use of the word perfect, but this table just is.


louise cake


That’s my gorgeous friend Laura. We had coffee in the midst of 2011′s Auckland Zinefest… more on that to come.

Photographic Evidence: 8-February-2010

Another summer, another Waitangi Day. Here in New Zealand we annually celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. Most of us take a holiday, go to the beach, some people drive to Waitangi. I spent my weekend swimming, snorkeling, walking, visiting friends and drinking coffee.





We also celebrated by having a hangi at my flat on Sunday night. We live in the city, so it was non-traditional of course – no pit-digging and playing with stones in the back yard. Rather we used a contraption that steams the food baskets in metal keg, heated by a burner attached to a gas cylinder.



Still, the warm feelings of sharing with your whanau are present; and all the food is prepared the same way my grandmother does it, carefully wrapping everything in cabbage leaves. We even added manuka chips to get that smoke-on-the-tip-of-your-tongue taste.



Perfection. I hope you had a lovely weekend too, no matter where in the world you may have been.