J is for Jelly Tip

NZ stamps A-Z

A 2008 New Zealand 50 cent stamp set, featuring various kiwi icons (not so sure about Quake, however). In other news, I’ve just remembered about the existence of Jelly Tips*, Giant Jelly Tips and Jelly Tip Trumpets. Emotional.

*A Popsicle style ice-cream on a stick, featuring a wodge of frozen raspberry jelly on the tip, surrounded by a thin chocolate shell.

10 things I miss about New Zealand

Pineapple Lumps

  • Pineapple Lumps and hokey pokey ice cream and feijoas and Fruit Bursts and Cookie Times…
  • People saying thank-you to the bus driver when they get off the bus
  • My bestest friends and whanau
  • Flat whites and people watching on K Road
  • Food courts
  • The sea, the sea! I miss the smell of the ocean and listening to the waves crash at Omaha
  • Dollars and cents – pennies are so finicky
  • Amazing Japanese (I’ve had one plate of good sushi in London and it almost made me weep with joy)
  • Op shops filled with row upon row of perfect jumpers
  • Endless summers, mild winters

365 sunrises

We’ve lived in London for exactly a year now… And it has definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. I am naturally a shy person, who loves routine and order (just ask my mum). I’m the sort who wants every smidgen of detail before making a decision, and will happily recruit another two pals to go along to a new yoga class with me. So uprooting and moving to a whole ‘nother city, twice the size of my country, with no plans was kind of a big deal.

There’s been ups – hello Europe – and downs, read constant shifting for 6 months, job changes. But I’ve done it. I am still alive and happy. Bonus, I can tell my 5ps from my 20s, and Argos from a bookies. I know that you should never read the tube map as an accurate geographic representation of the city, and that the secret to staying warm in all in the layering. I’ve found that you can get good coffee in London, and discovered the magic of mulled cherry beer. There’s many new, lovely, brilliant people in my life. Beigels 24 hours a day just down the road is pretty good too…

Of course, I couldn’t have done any of it without Thom. Knowing someone is on your team is the best feeling in the world.  So here’s a little wrap up, month by month. 365 sunrises.

Code For Something August 2011

August. Crashing in the living room of my brother’s flat while he lived in a pub. We never did meet the Colombian housemate in the four weeks of staying there, but we did hear him.

Code For Something September 2011

September – we enjoyed temporary solace in Bethnal Green. The leaves were already turning.

Code For Something October 2011

October. Falling in love with Brick Lane, and shooting loads of film.

Code For Something November 2011

November, moving house, job, getting lost. Wandering the streets like a waif, basically. Oh, yes, and we did go to Belgium which was AWESOME.

Code For Something December 2011

December. A trip to Bath to the markets. Winter Wonderland and bottles of wine. My first white Christmas.

Code For Something January 2012

January. I spent the first day of the visiting the Tate Modern and more wandering the chilly city. (This bike has never moved from its spot near Old Street roundabout. I’m starting to think it has special powers!)

Code For Something February 2011

February brought the great snow. This is the Barbican, a beautiful Brutalist arts centre, softened by white powder. Even the lake was frozen!

Code For Something - March 2012

March, new desk. For someone who moved with just a 30kg suitcase, I sure have accumulated a lot of stuff.

Code For Something April 2012

April. Another jaunt to Paris, then Barcelona. I ate so many pastries I thought I’d pop.

Code For Something May 2012

Finally the sun came back in May.

June. This is the cemetery William Blake is buried in, along with Daniel Defoe. The squirrels in this park are exceptionally tame – I could spend hours hanging out with them.

Code For Something July 2012

July – almost back where we started, but in much happier, contented circumstances. And higher up too! This photo was taken at a bar on the 48th floor of a Canary Wharf tower.

Get a haircut

Mini life update: I dyed my hair red.It’s been a while. And now I feel like a 16-year-old with exotic plumage walking down the street “They’re alllllll looking at how crazy my hair is,” when actually nobody gives a toss. Still need a hair cut.


London is still waiting for the promised sunshine and clear skies of late spring. It reminds me of this old saying: “April showers bring May flowers. May showers bring RAGE.”

I want to post more lifey things on this blog. so I shall. PS. CFS is now four years old. Whoop.


A list of nostalgia

A list of interests from my livejournal profile, circa age 16:

alice roi, andy warhol, architecture, art, bikes, black tutus, cinematography, city stealing, climbing, coffee, commander keen, concerts, creme eggs, dancing, design, director vision, drawing, dresses, electronic music, fairy floss, fake citizen watches, ferris wheels, fiction, filmmaking, flocked old style wallpaper, goldfish in bathrooms, haruki murakami, imax sushi, impromptu art, japan, laurence aberhart, le chat noir, lee hazlewood, literature, love, ma higgins cookies, missing limbs, movies, mushrooms, nan goldin, nein das ist verboten, new york snow domes, novelty, paint spray, photocopiers, photography, pigeon murder, robin morrison, rocks, scripts, slide film, sofia coppola, sour bears, sushi, tattoos, the zipper, twister sheets, typography, vintage, waynes world, william eggleston, writing, zines

Most of it still is very relevant! City stealing refers to my (then) habit of snatching dust and fragments from meaningful-to-me buildings. Somewhere in storage at my parent’s house is a small blood-red tile, stolen from the front door of the Vegas Girl strip club in Auckland. It seemed like a radical idea then. Here’s a photo of the place that I took in 2003, from a pool hall across the road, when it was the SEEDY part of town. The pool hall is now a million dollar apartment.

Vegas Girl

Also, I don’t draw enough nowadays. What did you like when you were that age? Do you wish you were still doing those things?


Vintage Karangahape

Karangahape Road - 1910

Karangahape Road, Auckland, in 1910. Rendell’s Fashion House, George Court and Sons, Jas Clarkson, the British Photographic Studio and The Frisco Candy Kitchen. There is a car on the road as well as carts and pedestrians with a pram

Don’t you think Frisco Candy Kitchen would be a great name for a K Road bar? Or maybe just a high end chocolate shop, selling salted caramels and stretchy taffy. I miss this place, and I never stop dreaming about it.

Domestic scenes

My milk bottle of changecameraOur kitchen
Green bird of happinessschedule

Making do with scraps and scrims to decorate my new hole in the world. I came over here with 30kg of luggage, but seriously, when I look at my worldly possessions (I put nothing in storage except books) – I think, what on earth did I bring? Where is my good stuff? I think most of my luggage allowance went towards bringing my hairdryer and shearling jacket. Two items which are not in short supply in England.

The second picture is of our kitchen and the wonderful collage my flatmate Ryan made from old Christie’s catalogues. The green bird was a goodbye gift from my cousin; a little reminder of home…