That time in Morocco


Smells in Morocco
Verbena tea
Charred wool
Hanging jasmine
Two stroke engines
Cat piss

Sounds of Morocco
Crackling call to prayer
Throb of motorbikes
Water sellers jangling bells
Cigarette pushers tossing their change in the air
The clack of shoeshiners knocking their wooden brushes together

I found these notes from 2012 on a piece of paper floating around my bedroom. I feel like I haven’t travelled enough, seen enough, tasted everything out there. (Literally. Pass me the plate of coconut ghribas.)


At the end of October Thom and I went to Morocco – visiting Marrakesh, the big smoke, and the town of Taroudant, to the south. It was pretty ace, except somewhere along the way I brushed my teeth with tap-water, and have spent the last week waylaid with a stomach bug. Today is the first day I’ve felt human, and boy am I excited to get back to work (and life). Anyway, here’s some pictures:


Token plane shot / amazing photograph of a donkey at our riad in Taroudant / the first of many tile photos / Thom trying to decipher the map / a view over Place Jamaa el Fna in Marrakesh (we were drinking mint tea and watching the world go by) / the middle of nowhere, near a mountain / Moroccan pastries / street art in Taroudant / a snail seller in Jamaa el Fna… From my observations you just squirt on some lemon juice and chew that sucker out.

Grand Taxi


The ornate dashboard of the grand taxi we caught from Taroudant back to Marrakesh / Me brandishing a musket found at the end of our bed at one riad

I also shot five rolls of 35mm, which are yet to be developed. Expect many images of cats, donkeys, sheep, mosaics, interesting door handles, minarets, more cats. If I’d had my way I would have become a crazy cat lady, footing the bill for 52 scrawny Moroccan kittens to come back to the UK and live with me…