Auckland Zinefest 2011

Celebrating the art of small press, every year the Auckland Zinefest gets bigger and better (Auckland Zinefests of yore: 2010 and 2009). The festival was scheduled to coincide with international zine month, July, and incorporated a month-long calendar of DIY and self publishing activities. Tessa puts her heart and soul into running the event, and it was wonderful to take part in it.


On July 16, St. Kevins Arcade hosted a day of markets, workshops and talks for both old hands with the long-arm stapler, and those new to the cut & paste scene. It was cool to see people come from all over the country for the event, and the joy on the faces of those who just wandered in off the street. Here are some photos from the main Zinefest event:








(Even the pup was having a great time)

zine making

The after party was held later that night at the Wine Cellar – friends, karaoke, cupcakes, pinball and hi-jinks  Noting my prowess for hocking goods, I was asked to design a sign for the special Zinefest exclusive red wine punch. Fruity, friendly and utterly delicious. Do you think maybe there’s a career for me in this?

punch sign

Just Alleluyah

The light is just so in the Alleluyah end of arcade; meaning I can’t help but try and record it every time I visit. And there’s one table in particular, made of old floorboards, that has me enraptured. I am trying to limit my use of the word perfect, but this table just is.


louise cake


That’s my gorgeous friend Laura. We had coffee in the midst of 2011′s Auckland Zinefest… more on that to come.