CFS loves 76

Daniel Kornrumpf embroidery

  • Artist Daniel Kornrumpf is giving needlework a contemporary twist with his detailed portraits. [Above: Focal length, 2009.]
  • Tono (a “pseudo intellectual folk pop singer for the streets” and regular performer around Auckland) has written an interesting piece on perseverance within an artist’s practice: [a] busload of faith to get by.

Defeat Deflector - Maricor/Maricar

Embroidery - Maricor/Maricar

CFS loves 75

Patti Smith

  • See Sofia Shop – an old Seventeen magazine feature that trails Sofia Coppola around L.A. shopping & eating.

Poetry bomb

Poetry tags by Augustina Woodgate

Artist Agustina Woodgate’s contribution to the O’Miami poetry festival (April 2011) was a Poetry Bomb. This entails creeping around thrift stores, a needle and thread in hand, sewing tiny poems onto tags and seams. It’s a lovely idea – just imagine the delight of purchasing a cool jacket, then discovering a little something extra to make you smile. Agustina is the fortune cookie of vintage!

CFS Loves 61

  • Photography’s longest exposure – a pinhole camera was strapped to the side of a bridge in Bristol for 6 months.
  • Ensuite – A collection of inspired and inspiring things as seen by Clarisse Demory from Paris.

  • The Graffyard uses QR codes to preserve grafiti after it’s been scrubbed off – yow, what an idea!
  • WANT: A Julian scarf from Wintercheck. It’s a scarf with zip pockets in the side, for stashing you keys, cellphone and expensive things you shouldn’t take out and about with you, but you do. The perfect solution to mega bags and overstuffed pockets.

CFS Loves 06

CFS Loves

It’s all a bit design orientated today… but who is to say that’s a bad thing? Design geeks for life!


Tokyo Subway Map

Tokyo Subway Map




The AIGA GAIN conference was recently held in New York, focusing on design in business. Malcolm Gladwell was one of the speakers there, discussing the development of creativity and the manifestation of genius:

“Genius and creativity don’t necessarily spring forth unbidden… they require time and support to experiment, to try and even fail.”

Luckily for us who didn’t make it there – despite my best efforts – a video of his talk and a transcript has been made available online (no embedding sorry). Watch it. It only takes half an hour but it is so inspiring. He’s also a very funny and engaging speaker, so the minutes will fly by. Ahh it totally encourages me to get up off my ass and create, create, create all day. I hope you feel like that too after listening!

10,000 hours of hard graft

They wrote it for you

“Create. Not because you want to or because the mood grabs you or just because you happen to feel like it. Create because you need to. Because it feels like if you don’t, you might die.”

Gorgeous photography (of Japan and more) and mesmerising words at I Wrote This For You. Inspirational type musings that urge you not to forget that everything is all about you and you create your own reality! If you are into Notes from the Universe you will probably adore this too.

CFS Loves 01

These links show where my head has been at the last little while, namely dreaming of summer. Anticipation is high!

  • The Rodarte fairytale. The NYTimes has a slideshow of whimsical images from one of my favourite (fantasy) labels.
  • Pretty-pretty Sea foam wool on Etsy, along with this beautiful frothy ceramic vase. I love searching by colour! On the note of colour, Colourjack is my new favourite tool for creating summer palettes.
  • Francesca Woodman. Young, tragic, talented… I haven’t revisited Woodman’s photos for several years but her work still feels like gossamer spun with light to me; even though I am no longer a morbid 15 year old.
  • The Beach by the Baby Giant, a folksy psychedelic band from Auckland. I like the video… okay well I made the video – that’s my foot! But it fits with this dreamy summer feeling I’m trying to conjure in this wee list of links.
  • Fashion For Writers. Meggy lives in a completely different universe from me but I love the way she plays with colour… along with her words and food photographs! One good thing about reading blogs  from another continent is that you are always readily inspired for the forthcoming season.