Alfa Beta – A Foodie Alphabet

I adore this tasty looking alphabet by Vidhya Nagarajan, especially her unusual and clever culinary choices. N for naan? Perfect! (By the way, I think Thom and I found the perfect East London curry last night – pillowy naans and onion bhajis as big as your fist. A feast for £18.60). M for Maldon almost glimmers, but my favourite of all the letters is the sweet little quail egg. See more of Vidhya’s work here.

Foodie Alphabet by Vidhya Nagarajan

Quail Q by Vidhya Nagarajan

[Via The Fox is Black]


Bobbin Bicycles

Bobbin Bicycles have made beautiful upright bikes (and accessories) since 2007. Imbued with nostalgic design elements, along with modern practicalities, thy are honest, solid bikes – made to work hard on London streets. Here are their latest lookbook images with illustrations by Zoë Barker – I love how she’s taken fashion cues and used it to market their cycles.

Bobbin Birdie Bicycle

Shopper - Bobbin Bicycles

Shopper - Bobbin Bicycles

Firefly - Bobbin Bicycles

Firefly - Bobbin Bicycles

Monsieur/Madam - Bobbin BicyclesMadam - Bobbin Bicycles

“At Bobbin we believe that bicycles are magical contraptions, charged with the power to transform a journey into an adventure. If you daydream about cutting gracefully and effortlessly through the cityscape then follow us…”

Seduced by all these sexy marketing materials, I took a Birdie for a test ride last week; and came home with my own shiny baby blue bicycle. In the 4 days I’ve had it, I’ve cycled to Hampstead Heath with friends for a swim in the sunshine, to the pub for a pint, and to work, sailing past commuters waiting for the train. Starting my day by zooming along the Thames is an awesome way to start the day – it’s almost as good as a coffee… All I need now is a basket to haul my guff around.

I’m really looking forward to more bike adventures with my Bobbin in the weeks – and years – to come!


Sneaky Peeks, Tipsy Reads

I’m working on a new all singing, all dancing, online home for the The Book Club For Drunks. As part of this, I commissioned the marvelous Erin Forsyth to make an illustration encapsulating all club’s activities… drinking & reading, ahem. Here’s a tiny preview:

Book Club For Drunks header by Erin Forsyth

I LOVE IT. From the big brash party skull, right down to the lipstick smeared martini glass and the blank book spines waiting to be filled in. Can’t wait to have the website up and running. Stay tuned!