Photoshop skills to pay the bills

Pitfield Cafe FlowersLike many people of a certain age, my experience with Photoshop began with a little experimentation here and there, correcting the blemishes of ones fifteen year old face, and cropping my parents out of pictures where I looked REALLY GOOD. Since then, I’ve never really bothered with any formal training, despite the fact I use the programme every day at work. This of course has pros, such as helping me develop a mindset of experimentation, and cons, like not knowing many time-saving hot keys.

Enter Adobe Knowhow. They have produced a 100% free Photoshop course designed for the total beginner. It promises that ‘you will learn Adobe Photoshop CC from the ground up, with no prior experience required’.

Over thirteen hours of bite-sized lessons, you’ll learn to create and manage colour in an image, use layers and work with filters. You’ll also get a resoundingly good overview of all the little tools and options available to you in the work space. I really recommend it for anyone who is starting from scratch, or has just been playing around by themselves for years… Within the first few lessons I learned how to make all my windows the same zoom % – which is a total game-changer!

Plus at the end you’ll get a little badge of achievement which you can use on your LinkedIn profile, or simply list the course on your resume. Sounds like an excellent deal to me.