Everything is beautiful

I’ve been back in New Zealand for the last week and a half, and quite simply, it is stunning. The streets are absurdly wide and clean, the tarseal pavements are melting in the heat, and the sound of cicadas constantly throbs in the air.


I went to Omaha, and dug my toes in the white sandy beach. I visited the village market too, stocking up on my favourite olive oil soap from the Matakana Valley. Then I headed north, to the Hokianga, with my sister and my mum, to spend a few nights with my beloved Gran. This is the view from her front yard, and her astounding spoon collection:


Other than that I’ve been cruising around Auckland, catching up with dear friends and basking in the sun. There is slight change in the current cast, with a few new faces and a couple missing. But for the most part everything is the same. This is a sweet relief.

2 for the price of 2
Op shop find
Cold sheets

Other than catching up, it’s been a whirl of op shops, art galleries, ferry rides, cold drinks at old haunts, and double lunches. A lot of 35mm has been shot too. 6 sleeps left, don’t make me leave the sunshine (Thom, please teleport here).

Devonport ferry