The longest drink in town

Woo-hoo, Colleen AF Venable is totally connecting the style dots with her rad giraffe tattoo. The dots idea is rather charming… which makes me think – how about a paint by numbers tattoo? Also, I have a feeling that giraffes might just be the next big thing!

Here’s a sharpie giraffe tattoo I had drawn on me at this year’s Big Day Out festival. For a short time I did consider having it permanently inked on… but then sobered up. Also, when I went to sleep that night, I neglected to wash it off… and woke up with giraffe imprints everywhere – on my other arm, face, tummy. Good thing they’re cute!


*If you’re not familiar with the title reference, it’s from these classic Kiwi milkshake cups… The longest drink in town!