Praha – Prague

June 2014. Thom and I flew to Prague on a Sunday afternoon, for a few day’s exploration of central Europe. Once we arrived at our hotel, we found a cute, compact city with loads of cheap beer. It was a whirlwind trip – we only had just over a day before we headed off to Budapest, but it was fun.

PragueEven though I have lived in a city with an underground for nearly three years, I find them endlessly interesting. They same goes for beautiful old buildings. I can’t resist pastel coloured architecture.


The famous medieval astronomical clock, the first mention of which was recorded in 1410 . If you’re lucky enough to walk by on the hour, there is an animatronic display – with a bell ringing skeleton and a shuffling of apostles in the windows above the dial.


Two favourites in one image: Thom checking out the view from Frank Gehry’s Dancing House, which overlooks the Vltava river. The beer is at the Prague Beer Museum – a fantastic name for a pub! I had a sip or two of Modra Luna, a sweet blueberry lager.


One of the more pronounceable subway stops and a tourist selfie at Prague castle. (Hi parents!)


A Soviet era vehicle in stylish brown, and the author posing on one’s 70’s era couchette seat on the night train to Budapest. Shortly after this photo was taken we were off, tucked up in bed and chugging through the Czech Republic with a 5:00AM appointment in Bratislava to keep.



Hi Europe!

In one month I am going to hop on a plane, watch a ton of bad films, eat some awful food and read some trashy magazines; have a brief jaunt in Korea, and then, 48 hours later, touch down at Heathrow. Thanks to Creative Cities and the British Council, I’m on my way to the London Festival of Architecture!

I’m pretty chuffed. London and I got acquainted briefly last year – but I am thrilled to have another chance to spend some quality time exploring the city, and a discipline (architecture) that really appeals to me. I will be blogging madly for Creative Cities and doing my usual travelogues on Code For Something.

You know what else appeals?  A mini European summer…

Yay! I’ve never been to the Continent before. Not sure where I’m going, but there’s still 26 days to plan. So where’s good to hang out in (Western) Europe? As always, if you have any hot tips I’d love to hear them.