Hackney city

While we’re waiting to move into our new flat, Thom and I have a sublet in Hackney. (Or Crackney, as I’d heard it called before I came to the UK, but I have only seen evidence of that once – late at night outside the Buddhist Centre.)

hackney walk

window & doors

It’s not the most glamorous of areas, but what it’s got is pretty beaut. Lots of little cafes, pubs, galleries, and places to grab a classic East London fry-up. While there is a tiny glimpse of sun in the winter gloom, I love to be outdoors. My favourite places to walk include the Hackney City Farm, and the canal.

hackney city farm

Y’know, it was the usual Saturday. Get up, make breakfast, visit a farm. Babes, pigs in the city. I love the cycle-take of a steer skull at the ranch. Next, meet the chubbiest squirrel in all of London. He was all puffed up, the size of a small cat!



Not far from the farm, Regents Canal winds through south Hackney. It’ so peaceful there, you forget you’re in the middle of a city. Until you hit Broadway Market, and the flotilla of canal boats. Lots of them have been converted into sweet little floating shops – a vintage store , a café, a bookshop. Lovely.

canal boat village

Floating bookshop


Right, off to go deal with Christmas madness. Only a week to go!

Saturday Morning Car-Boot Sale In Stokey

On Saturday Liss, Thom & I headed to Stoke Newington to check out the weekly car-boot sale at the Princess May. It was my first time in Dalston and I loved it! We picked up some breakfast at the street market – hot naan bread wrapped in newspaper, priced at 2 for a pound, then coffee at a Turkish cafe. Then it was off to the school yard to do some serious fossicking.

Stoke Newington

The Princess May


coat hanger

teas coffees bagels

neil diamond

counting the beat


We came home with some  good booty – a 35mm camera of Russian origin for £10 , a Patricia Highsmith book for £1, that bold red bird-printed dress for £5, and a set of mint-condition fondue forks for £5. The forks were a most fortuitous find because next week I’m holding a little fondue get-together to celebrate my birthday.

fondue forks



English Summer vs. Diana Mini

London – September/October 2011. Roll number 3 with the Diana Mini captured the last of the summer light. I love shooting film, but I’m not sure how committed I am to the Diana Mini. It might be time to pull out the Canon AE-1, and get a sturdier satchel (I have my eye on a Cambridge batchel) to carry all my crapola round with me.


A majestic building in Bloomsbury.

marble arch

An alternate view of Marble Arch. (I always get the sublime Jeff Buckley in my head when I hear those words.)

Love Trees

A flat white at Flat White, Soho. Good coffee is hard to come by in this city (country?). All the best places are run by Aussies & Kiwis, which is not that surprising.


A day trip to Oxford feat. The Queen.

hyde park

I adore Hyde Park’s deck chairs in the summer… But goodbye to all of that for now!

East London vs. Diana Mini

London – August/September 2011. My second roll of film shot with the Diana yielded significantly better results! This time the camera was turned to East London. I really love Brick Lane (haha, in case you hadn’t picked that up yet). The diversity and noise reminds me of my beloved K Road; but the markets are way better, and the vintage is pricier!

East London


brick lane




Glorious Shoreditch wisdom by ESPO.


Brick Lane Beigels

When I first visited Brick Lane in 2009, and drunkenly chowed down on a cream cheese beigel, I never could have imagined that two years later I’d live within walking distance. Now the beigel shop is a familiar landmark, a fluorescent neighbourhood beacon glowing at all hours of the day.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake Print by Jo Peel

This Beigel Bake print by Jo Peel really captures the spirit of the place; a bit unruly, a bit unloved, but certainly part of the East London fabric – for now and forever.

Rainy days

rainy days

So, the very next day – after all the sunshine, the pink cheeks and the hours of plaiting grass – the heavens opened up and London enjoyed a big wet. We were planning to go to the Brick Lane markets (a mere 10 minutes walk from my new house), but it was soggy and all the stall holders were throwing tarpaulins over their wares. East London’s newest fashion trend: the plastic bag turban, to keep your follicles dry.


coffee saves


brick lane

cloudy brick lane

cloudy brick lane