Today I went out to a wee farmlet, to celebrate a family birthday. It was about 25 minutes drive from the city. In between socialising, I wandered around, saying hello to the various ducks, pukekos, friendly cats, cows, chickens & bunnies. I took a few photos (it was quite windy) and then dashed inside for cake. Mmm, pecan and caramel is an awesome cakey combo!

Country attire...

+ Grey singlet
+ Black levis
+ Black jandals/flip flops/thongs (oo-er!)
+ Jockey star shirt, from Supre of all places… (I say Jockey because it reminds me of racing horses.)
+ Hippo brooch



My new hippo brooch from Princess C, Lady J And the Upper Crust is so much fun! Taxidermy influences meet a crazed colour palette. You may call her Harriet. (Thanks also toMichi Girl, who were graciously giving them away).


Late spring. Standing in the dappled light of my front porch. Or, of my verandah as we say around here. The differences in language use between various English-speaking nations really become apparent when you start putting things out on the Internet for consumption, as opposed to just observing.

It’s a wonderful thing though, especially as a writer, you get to tap into a vocabulary well deeper than you ever imagined. A few examples of the variations I love are:

Candy – sweets – lollies. Bodega – convenience store – dairy. Popsicle – ice lolly – iceblock. Comforter – doona – duvet.

But most of all… I love fringe – bangs – iron curtain of hair! This is what started all my musing – isn’t it funny how the two words are completely unrelated? From what I understand fringe was the original term, then bangs developed colloquially, from a use of the adverb bang – meaning abruptly. It obviously stuck. Anyway, here is my new fringe in action:

i have a fringe!

+ Tempt blue dress
+ Levi black jeans
+ Silver canvas plimsolls (shock, from the Warehouse)




There seems to be about 20 different shade of pink & purple in my hair. If I was to step into full sunlight you’d see a halo of magenta around my crown. Anyway, bangs are fun – it’s amazing how different they can make you look.

Rather a lot of thinking and commentary for an outfit that ended up being very pared back. I guess I’m just fascinated by language and culture. How about yourself –  are you a fringe or bangs kind of cat?