English Summer vs. Diana Mini

London – September/October 2011. Roll number 3 with the Diana Mini captured the last of the summer light. I love shooting film, but I’m not sure how committed I am to the Diana Mini. It might be time to pull out the Canon AE-1, and get a sturdier satchel (I have my eye on a Cambridge batchel) to carry all my crapola round with me.


A majestic building in Bloomsbury.

marble arch

An alternate view of Marble Arch. (I always get the sublime Jeff Buckley in my head when I hear those words.)

Love Trees

A flat white at Flat White, Soho. Good coffee is hard to come by in this city (country?). All the best places are run by Aussies & Kiwis, which is not that surprising.


A day trip to Oxford feat. The Queen.

hyde park

I adore Hyde Park’s deck chairs in the summer… But goodbye to all of that for now!

East London vs. Diana Mini

London – August/September 2011. My second roll of film shot with the Diana yielded significantly better results! This time the camera was turned to East London. I really love Brick Lane (haha, in case you hadn’t picked that up yet). The diversity and noise reminds me of my beloved K Road; but the markets are way better, and the vintage is pricier!

East London


brick lane




Glorious Shoreditch wisdom by ESPO.


Objects On My Windowsill


merci locket


A bit of holiday consumerism. I bought the Diana Mini from the Lomo store in Le Marais, post-lover’s bridge, and pre-falafel feast. I also purchased some black and white film which I am very much looking forward to developing. The paper bag is from Merci, and contains a little Liberty x Merci trinket. Also from Merci, but not pictured – a wonderful travel notebook with large vellum pockets for storing leaves from Canal St Martin, used metro tickets, and hand drawn maps.

Oh and some $$$. I find foreign-to-me currency mesmerizing.