CFS Loves 61

  • Photography’s longest exposure – a pinhole camera was strapped to the side of a bridge in Bristol for 6 months.
  • Ensuite – A collection of inspired and inspiring things as seen by Clarisse Demory from Paris.

  • The Graffyard uses QR codes to preserve grafiti after it’s been scrubbed off – yow, what an idea!
  • WANT: A Julian scarf from Wintercheck. It’s a scarf with zip pockets in the side, for stashing you keys, cellphone and expensive things you shouldn’t take out and about with you, but you do. The perfect solution to mega bags and overstuffed pockets.

Isoceles flavour

I was cruising new album release lists, hoping to spend imaginary money/get some inspiration from album art. In doing so, I noticed a rather common theme…

CSS - Donkey
CSS – Donkey
Keane - Perfect Symmetry
Keane – Perfect Symmetry
Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance 2008
Armin Van Buuren – A State of Trance 2008

Of course, there are some classic covers too!

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of The Moon
Tomita - Bermuda Triangle
Tomita – Bermuda Triangle

YACHT, the muso, has a fine collection of mystery triangles… check out the jumper especially! I declare 2008 year of the Triangle. It’s more ‘alt’ than squares, harder and more aesthetically lined with the sounds we’re hearing.

Plates of fancy

Aching to eat nougat on the backs of stallions, toasted almonds while balancing on regal chairs or sitting amongst the peonies supping tea? Try these gorgeous Concetta plates and bring beauty to the everyday act of eating.

If there is one thing design has taught me over the years, it is that joy can be accessible every day, at every touch point. So why not use fine pony china? Live it up.

Tiny house

My friends Nicole and Joel are currently converting an old potter’s studio, unused for 20 years. It’s in a giant lush backyard, with stonewalls, daffodils and ancient trees. It’s like a secret garden! Visiting it made me want a little nook of my own… I currently live in the city, in a big old creaking villa filled with lovely people but sometimes I dream of escaping the hustle. Wanting my own patch of land in the country, with simply a little tiny house in which to sleep, write and read. This resulted in me day dreaming around the Internet collecting images of tiny bliss.

This is a summerhouse at the end of a very long garden, similar to what I imagine my friends one will eventually look like.

This minimal ply space is by Dorte Mandrup. Built in bookcases and a fold down bed make it just right for penning your magnum opus.

The Scandinavians have it right with 21st century huts in breathtaking locations. Hang out all summer long drinking vodka overlooking a Norwegian fjord? Yes please!

This pad is functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to make yourself. The plans are available from Ready Made, so if you’ve got the space, the time and a nearby hardware store you can do it! Most of the time you don’t need permission to build a structure so small. I don’t have the inclination to build myself something but I am lucky to have a wee shed that I am planning on turning into a silk-screening studio. If you need more inspiration check out this wonderful site materialicious, which only focuses on these tiny amazing abodes!