Daily photo: Retro roosters

Chicken licken

Chicken licken… A throwback to 2005, when I went travelling with my friend Richard in Thailand. This is from somewhere in Bangkok; a flock of golden cockerels.

I feel a little bit ill to think that it was a whole decade ago we ventured into the smoggy heat, exploring South East Asia for the first time. I’ll spare you the self-portrait – but think bleach blonde hair, white t-shirts and aqua-marine cotton skirts with a hem skimming my ankles.

Daily photo: Ni hao


Ni hao. I’m writing this sat in café Blenz, at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou. (Surprisingly good coffee, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.)

I’m en route to New Zealand, with a sanity-eroding seven-hour stopover. No Facebook, no Twitter, no social feeds to keep me from boredom, so I’m writing my heart out.

It feels rather odd to have teleported from a cold London autumn (yet I am assured it is very mild in context of years past) to cardigan slaughtering 26°C heat. And the smell. I can’t put my finger on it, but China just has this smell – possibly a meld of hot meat, combined with constantly poured concrete and a fastidious devotion to exotically scented cleaning products – and you just know, I am in China.

These photos are a blast from the past. The year is 2009 and I was in China, staying with my friend Jules in Shanghai before training north to Beijing. The little dude at the top was the guardian of Jules’ apartment building.

street food

Midnight feasts on the street


door 19

Taikang Lu, Shanghai