Mini craft project: pinboard

This is the part where I get all Pinterest on you. I picked up this cork board for £1 in a Salvation Army jumble sale on Saturday morning. A little masking tape and some gold spray paint, and voila, a board worthy of pinning. I’m actively trying to train myself to see the possibility in old goods, rather than buying everything new. I think this fits the bill – and I’m pretty chuffed with the results



TIP: If you’re going to make one of these, rule a line down the centre of your board in pencil before starting. You can then use this line to align the apex of every chevron.

What’s in your head?

Some deliciously dark thoughts are coming out of the head of artist Stephanie Metz. She meticulously constructs teddy bear skulls using felted wool. In her artist statement she describes the skulls as “… an elegant structural armature for life, something that reveals historical clues and hints at individual stories that may never be told. It is tangible evidence of a life lived—not just the death at the end of a life. I forget that for many people the skull mainly symbolizes tragedy and death.”

A playfully bleak take on a modern icon.

[via Street Anatomy]