CFS loves 81

Twisted, Nicholas Kennedy’s photography | But Does It Float

Twisted - Nicholas Kennedy

Best of Breed, 102 champion dogs photographed at the Westminster Dog Show | NY TimesBest in Breed - Westminster Dog Show

F.lux and Ommwriter, 2 programs to increase the aesthetics of productivity. I have been playing with them both and they are an excellent alternative to the Word.doc of death | Cellar Door

Miranda July Q&A, from Stylist’s clever masterclass series. I had a Q and MJ gave me an A! | Stylist Magazine

More Inspiration from Miranda July

And even more inspiration from MJ – on Strangers | The School of Life

Codeacademy – an interactive way to learn programming by actually coding!

Code Academy
Rose & Clover
 and other colour schemes | Apartment Therapy

Rose & Clover Colour Scheme

The arc of drama, explained by Kurt Vonngeut | Sivers

Kurt Vonnegut

Kaleidomaniac, an image blogging experiment. Below: Tsukiji Fish Markets by Rory Hyde  | Jarred Bishop

Kaleidomaniac - Jarred Bishop

Starbucks’ augmented reality app makes your cup come to life! Naturally, I like the fox | Mashable

Also of note:

Vintage cameras in London, an alternative shopping experience | Last Minute

Lapday, a definition to consider | Dictonary of Obscure Sorrows

A wedding in the woods | Jody Rogac

What’s on the mind of Laura Ford | STW Nextness

Anita Calero: Curated Chelsea Home, I want to live here | LoftLife


… I leave you with a Steven King quote that I enjoyed this week:

“Look, writing a novel is like paddling from Boston to London in a bathtub,
Sometimes the damn tub sinks. It’s a wonder that most of them don’t.”


CFS Loves 80

20 unmissable paintings in London, including  Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait | Time Out

Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait

Requiem Lass, an interview with Patti Smith | New York Times

Requium Lass - Patti Smith

Online Checkout – In Real Life, with all the drama of a time-out | Google Analytics

20 Lessons for Creatives from Miranda July, words from a powerhouse | Nextness

Miranda July

Winter Wonderland, Eniko Mihalik by Terry Richardson | Harper’s Bazaar 

Harpers Bazaar - Winter Wonderland

Collated satellite views of the Imperial Valley, otherworldly views of crops | Lillian Wilkie

Imperial Valley

The Chameleon, a fascinating account of French child impersonator Frederic Bourdin | The New Yorker

Frederic Bourdin

Austin Diaries, enticing photos of Texan vintage | Sea of Shoes

Austin Diaries - Sea of Shoes

Badlands – an Oral History, the turbulent making of Terrence Malick’s first film | GQ


An archive of fantastic old French posters | Galerie Montmartre

Vintage French Poster Archive

A simple DIY side table | Design*Sponge

Simple DIY Side Table


CFS loves 79

 TEA! The English love tea. I seem to be offered a cup of the stuff everywhere I go. While I love tea, Earl Grey is not for me and  mostly I opt for green. Here is some interesting browsing to go with your cuppa of choice.


  • Jessica Stanley’s  The Quiet Tourists Guide to Hackney couldn’t be more timely! It’s an insider’s view on everything that’s good and great in East London. As it’s all local to me, I will be merging this list with my London must-see list.
Mad Jack Fullers Grave
  • What Girls Need. So refreshing and insightful. Read this now, whether you have a vagina or not.
  • Back to the Future – this meme has gone on for a while, but here’s a batch of fresh recreations of family photographs. I’m tempted to make my own!

Party Animal Candle Holders

  • The Beekeeper’s Bible is high on my reading list with a ‘extensive history of beekeeping section, a food and drink section, a domestic uses for bee products section AND a craft section’.

Steve Jobs flipping the bird to IBM


CFS loves 78

Urban Stargazing: Hunter

  • Where Children Sleep –  by James Mollison features children from around the world, and their bedrooms. It’s a provocative, moving series – and will make you ask a lot of questions about the rights of children.
  • Hello! I want a one of these Peugeot café racers. It’s such a sweet moped, forget the pedals, let’s go gas.
  • How to talk to little girls. Yes, yes, yes. This approach (engaging them not complimenting them)  is good! And works excellently with  grown women too. “Cute shoes” is such a dire way to start a conversation.

CFS loves 77

Karen & Avril's kitchen - The Selby

Sunglasses Strap - Sic Gloria

CFS loves 76

Daniel Kornrumpf embroidery

  • Artist Daniel Kornrumpf is giving needlework a contemporary twist with his detailed portraits. [Above: Focal length, 2009.]
  • Tono (a “pseudo intellectual folk pop singer for the streets” and regular performer around Auckland) has written an interesting piece on perseverance within an artist’s practice: [a] busload of faith to get by.

Defeat Deflector - Maricor/Maricar

Embroidery - Maricor/Maricar

CFS loves 75

Patti Smith

  • See Sofia Shop – an old Seventeen magazine feature that trails Sofia Coppola around L.A. shopping & eating.

CFS Loves 06

CFS Loves

It’s all a bit design orientated today… but who is to say that’s a bad thing? Design geeks for life!


Tokyo Subway Map

Tokyo Subway Map




  • The famous Life photo archive is now held by Google and fully searchable! From the late 1800s to today, you may browse to your hearts delight – or search for fashion, cocktails, make-up… even your country!
Joan Crawford & Salvador Dali

Joan Crawford & Salvador Dali

  • The Fashion Almanac is a project by Laura Bradley. A compendium style magazine with lots of line drawings and venn diagrams to instruct you on fashion forecasta. It reminds me a lot of the Monocle aesthetic (which I love, yo). Available to read online here! [viaStyle Bubble]
Transcending fashions...

Transcending fashions…

  • Style from Tokyo is street fashion photography by Rei Shito. I discovered it after my last post on Japanese street style & it’s a goodie – loads of hot Harajuku looks. Also of note is The Streets Walker – a Tel Aviv based street fashion blog. I honestly never imagined Israeli fashion in this context – so exploring this site has been really eye-opening and inspiring. Fashion – another reason to visit Israel (my friend Danit is the first reason)!
  • Awesome gifs at GreenLaundry– that really bring a sense of life and energy to the blog. Something I would like to try in the future…
  • Dumpling Dynasty products meet the charmingly Asian kitsch illustration by Fiona Hewitt– famed for her earlier artistic contributions to the adorable Miso Pretty bath product line.

Chestnuts by Pia Jane Bijkerk


  • Graphic designers were asked – please recommend a book that you have found particularly inspiring or meaningful to your development as a creative person? This is their book list for inspiration.
  • Telescopic text is very clever and a great piece of writing to boot. Just click away!
  • Every day Jason posts a photograph of something that made him happy. He calls this the Daily Nice.
  • Do it yourself with Ksubi and Teen Vogue – painted jeans. There’s also a few other handy D.I.Y. fashion instructions from designers.
  • Japanese street style is my favourite! It all started with FRUiTS in 1997 and I am glad to see how the effort of recording fashion in Tokyo has been maintained in a digital form. Check out DropSnap, Style Arena. I have been a fiend for these sites lately as I look for inspiration in clothing textures and kooky hair cuts.  Sanna’s (on-hiatus) Vagabond Looks is excellent too!