21st Century City

Photos from last night: wandering on a Monday evening to buy a saucepan from Bangla Town (an awesome cash-n-carry on Brick Lane), and to eat some sweets. I don’t know the name, but my favourite is a dense squiggle of fried dough, soaked in a sugary syrup. Oh, and guess who finally upgraded from a Nokia brick?

2CV ooh la la.

Truman Breweries.

East London

A familiar face!

A familiar face – Tame Iti. (See my photo of a similar stencil in 2008!)


Rainy days

rainy days

So, the very next day – after all the sunshine, the pink cheeks and the hours of plaiting grass – the heavens opened up and London enjoyed a big wet. We were planning to go to the Brick Lane markets (a mere 10 minutes walk from my new house), but it was soggy and all the stall holders were throwing tarpaulins over their wares. East London’s newest fashion trend: the plastic bag turban, to keep your follicles dry.


coffee saves


brick lane

cloudy brick lane

cloudy brick lane