Bike Valet

Bike storage and security is a serious issue. In London, you can’t just leave your bike leaning outside the dairy while you pop in for some milk. You need to lock that shiz up!

Chances are you live in a teeny little flat too, with not much lock-up space. In my current house we have 3 bikes littering the living room, which is a bit of a pain. I’ve researched how to best store my bike out-of-the-way, and my favourite find so far is Reclamation Art + Furniture’s Bike Valet:

Walnut Bike Valet

Walnut Bike Valet

The Bike Valet is wall mounted storage unit and a valet for your keys, wallet, bike and items you need put down when you pedal in the door.  Made from Urban Harvest Walnut with a natural hand rubbed, zero VOC oil finish.”

I can imagine this walnut unit working really well in a modern interior. Sadly, not with my bike – it has too many sexy curves – but for any straight lining fixie it’d be perfect.

For more of Steven Tiller’s smart, simple, and handmade designs take a look at

Bobbin Bicycles In Motion

Earlier in this week I posted about my new Bobbin bike and their wonderful illustrations.

And today I have something even better to share with you! It’s the new Bobbin Bicycles film, directed by the talented Miles Langley. I was so excited when Miles emailed me to give me a sneak peek – it’s stunning. I hope you enjoy it:

Bobbin Bicycles – Style Film from Miles Langley on Vimeo.

For the first time Bobbin Bicycles are now available to buy from a global network of dealers. Visit Bobbin Bicycles to see where you can pick yours up from.


Bobbin Bicycles

Bobbin Bicycles have made beautiful upright bikes (and accessories) since 2007. Imbued with nostalgic design elements, along with modern practicalities, thy are honest, solid bikes – made to work hard on London streets. Here are their latest lookbook images with illustrations by Zoë Barker – I love how she’s taken fashion cues and used it to market their cycles.

Bobbin Birdie Bicycle

Shopper - Bobbin Bicycles

Shopper - Bobbin Bicycles

Firefly - Bobbin Bicycles

Firefly - Bobbin Bicycles

Monsieur/Madam - Bobbin BicyclesMadam - Bobbin Bicycles

“At Bobbin we believe that bicycles are magical contraptions, charged with the power to transform a journey into an adventure. If you daydream about cutting gracefully and effortlessly through the cityscape then follow us…”

Seduced by all these sexy marketing materials, I took a Birdie for a test ride last week; and came home with my own shiny baby blue bicycle. In the 4 days I’ve had it, I’ve cycled to Hampstead Heath with friends for a swim in the sunshine, to the pub for a pint, and to work, sailing past commuters waiting for the train. Starting my day by zooming along the Thames is an awesome way to start the day – it’s almost as good as a coffee… All I need now is a basket to haul my guff around.

I’m really looking forward to more bike adventures with my Bobbin in the weeks – and years – to come!