Bicycle trick

Old Bike

Did you know this little trick for sprucing up your bicycle? If the chrome parts have started to rust and look a bit icky, simply roll up a ball of tin foil and gently rub it on the chrome. The blemished patches are abrasive against the foil, making it come off and mask the rust; yet the foil is gentle enough not to scratch the rest of the metal. It really works – your bike will be looking shiny again in no time!


Jitensha is the Japanese word for bicycle! And the name of my round up of pretty bike things. Good news, I have received a pair of hot pink Oury grips in the post, to complete the outlandishly girly look for my steed.

Overall, the look is not quite as retina burning as the image below, but it shall do for now (I’m already thinking about bike number 2).

Some flash bicycle style resources for y’all: