London Ghosts

You need to see London at night, particularly the theaters. But not just the night life. London itself looks best in the dark. It’s a pretty safe city, and you can walk in most places after sunset. It has a sedate and ghostly beauty. In the crepuscular kindness, you can see not just how she is, but how she once was, the layers of lives that have been lived here. Somebody with nothing better to do worked out that for every one of us living today, there are 15 ghosts. In most places you don’t notice them, but in London you do. The dead and the fictional ghosts of Sherlock Holmes and Falstaff, Oliver Twist, Wendy and the Lost Boys, all the kindly, garrulous ghosts that accompany you in the night. The river runs like dark silk through the heart of the city, and the bridges dance with light. There are corners of silence in the revelry of the West End and Soho, and in the inky shadows foxes and owls patrol Hyde Park, which is still illuminated by gaslight.

– from My London, and Welcome to It by A.A. Gill. Beautiful writing.

Tiny forests

I’ve marvelled at the magnificent lashes of Shu Uemura for a while now and was delighted to find aninterview with Kakuyasu Uchiide, make up artist, at Ping Mag.

Japanese youth culture is a powerful market well watched overseas. How do you see the Japanese youth and their fashion obsession today?

Being an extreme thing is not so good. I like young people who are trying to find their originality through fashion and make-up that is suitable for their income.” 

I like them too, people of any age who express their originality in clever (not the latest, greatest) ways. Magical eyelashes definitely fall into this category.