Astronomical Clock by Lazarescu

Astronomical Clock by Lazarescu

It’s a new month, so there’s load of new predictions on how our world is going to twist and turn. I am a huge fan of astrology and always read my horoscopes, a little like brushing my teeth! Ever since I was a small child the effects of the moon were very noticeable on me (even by my skeptic parents), so I do pay attention! That said, if a reading starts looking more like a horror-scope, I suck it up and try to ignore what I’ve heard… carrying on with life in a somewhat more aware/forced jolly manner! I thought I would share a few of my favourite sites, just in time for October:

  • Neil Spencer’s short seven day snippets in the Guardian.
  • Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, for big chewy monthly analysis. Lots of key dates are referenced here so you can put little squiggles in your daily planner.
  • Free Will Astrology, for mind bending insights that you really have to tangle out. Why not look at the world differently?
  • AstroBarry gives weekly practical advice, that I find really relevant and funny!

…and after you’ve flicked through all those, watch Bloc Party’s Mercury video as it is totally apt for right now:


Don’t let that naughty Mercury get to you though ❤