Barbican, City of London


The joys of forgotten film! It was a cold, but sunny spring day in 2012 when I took these pictures, not too dissimilar to today. This is the Barbican, my favourite place in London. From the concrete Brutalist architecture to the high walks of the estate, the sound-muffling lake and the velveteen belly of the performing arts centre, I love everything about it. It’s my dream to live there one day, fingers crossed we make a milli in the next year or so.

barbican apartments
barbican tower

If you’re ever in London, make sure the Barbican is on your list – whether that’s to see a film, visit the art gallery, or simply hang out next to the lake with a coffee and a good book. Don’t forget to visit the hidden conservatory, too. Built to disguise the theatre’s fly tower, it is home to over 2000 species of tropical plants and trees. That’s where I took the photo of a lonely heart…

Lonely hearts

Tiny house

My friends Nicole and Joel are currently converting an old potter’s studio, unused for 20 years. It’s in a giant lush backyard, with stonewalls, daffodils and ancient trees. It’s like a secret garden! Visiting it made me want a little nook of my own… I currently live in the city, in a big old creaking villa filled with lovely people but sometimes I dream of escaping the hustle. Wanting my own patch of land in the country, with simply a little tiny house in which to sleep, write and read. This resulted in me day dreaming around the Internet collecting images of tiny bliss.

This is a summerhouse at the end of a very long garden, similar to what I imagine my friends one will eventually look like.

This minimal ply space is by Dorte Mandrup. Built in bookcases and a fold down bed make it just right for penning your magnum opus.

The Scandinavians have it right with 21st century huts in breathtaking locations. Hang out all summer long drinking vodka overlooking a Norwegian fjord? Yes please!

This pad is functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to make yourself. The plans are available from Ready Made, so if you’ve got the space, the time and a nearby hardware store you can do it! Most of the time you don’t need permission to build a structure so small. I don’t have the inclination to build myself something but I am lucky to have a wee shed that I am planning on turning into a silk-screening studio. If you need more inspiration check out this wonderful site materialicious, which only focuses on these tiny amazing abodes!