Collar lover

Loulou once again pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat with her new black brocade collars.  Each Phantom collar is made from silk, lined with silk taffeta and finished with a mini pompom trim. I’d like one to make the pastel Oxford shirts that everyone has this season (including moi) a little more rock n’roll.

Black Silk Brocade Collar

Black Silk Brocade Collar

Phantom Shirt Collar, £39 at Loulou Loves You.

Isson – Bauhaus Portraits

Isson is an Australian sunglass brand, founded by Catherine Federici. I first read about Isson in DumboFeather, and have always admired their avant-garde styles.  Recently, when doing some picture research on Bauhaus, I came across these wonderfully styled shots:

Isson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

Isson - Bauhaus SunglassesIsson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

Isson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

The Bauhaus collection was shot by Cybele Malinowski, and based around the idea of four eccentric characters who may have attended the school of Bauhaus in 1934. Read more about the different personas here. My favourite is the Alberta Albers image – I think it’s a combinaion of the turban, the chunky jewellery, and the vivacity of that little pug face.

Martha Sunglasses - Isson

As for the sunglasses – I would love to buy a pair of steam punk inspired Marthas – in tortoiseshell. Nice work, Isson.

Ride the Zipper

Check out these teeth gnashingly good pieces of zipper costume jewellery made by Kate Cusack:

Kate Cusack

I do like – they remind me of corals and sea anemones! However what really stands out is the use of zips as an object of beauty in their own right, rather than for pure function.

“In art school,” Kate explained, “I realized that once you allow yourself to use materials in unconventional ways, then, just about anything is possible. It’s ironic that most fashion designers try to hide or disguise zippers in their creations. However, I love zippers’ shiny metal teeth and I want to show off, not hide, their sparkle and their sinuous flexibility.”

Ah yes, those little dangerous teeth. Also, not being the sewing type, Kate’s work alerted me to the fact zips come in different colours… something I never really thought about before.

Marc Jacobs is also feeling the zipped aesthetic, with these hair barrettes:

Marc Jacobs Zipper

I really like both manifestations of ze zipper – a rock and roll hard edged look made wearable. A touch of punk!

A lens on cool

Jo’s fresh new site Eye Heart Glasses is already locked and loaded as a favourite of mine. It’s a look at what’s cute, sexy and cool in the world of eye-wear. You should go check it out now! Jeepers, creepers, where did you get those peepers?

Here’s one of my recent favourite gal with glasses shots – artist Alison Van Pelt working on one of her paintings:

Also, word on the street is that we are going to see a lot of cool kids sporting these mutli-coloured Alife Super Future frames this season.

Hand made in Italy, they’re very limited edition – only 85 blue, 85 red, 85 purple, 245 black. Good luck! If you’re in little old AKL, Loaded may have some of Super Future’s other covetable models. Otherwise, ebay your little hearts out!


A tribly to trill about

This is one of the most amazing ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Ataahua has created unique hats in the trilby style as worn by traditional Cuban coffee roasters’. Each one is made out of a recycled individual Hessian coffee sack, meaning different patterns from different origins.

I would team this wonder hat with simple summer frocks, Havaianas (jandals Cuban style yo), a rum based strawberry daiquiri (yum!) and a bright beach towel. This combo would ensure I was set to frolic all day long, whether reading magazines or going to meet friends in the evening. Excellent.

We need more of these sexy sustainable ideas! Shade yourself from the sun, save the planet and look stylish? Too good and totally true. If you’re looking for more green style ideas and products, I highly recommend Treehugger’s fashion section.  In the meantime, expect to see a million summer photos of me wearing an Ataahua trilby.

Concrete Rings

Concrete rings from Designboom, designed by 22 design studio, Taiwan. There’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Taiwan now days. I’ve only been there on a one night stopover – I would love to go back and check out Taipei.

The concrete is an innovative use of an everyday resource. It reinforces that there is more to good design than using expensive materials. Good design is also driven by strong ideas, and in this case the design idea behind each ring is as inspiring as the aesthetics.. The corner ring, worn flat side out, is driven by the following:

“Turn a corner and discover a whole new world: new places, new faces, new heart spaces. Adding corners to the ring gives the sense of creating more breathing room for the person wearing this ring; building anticipation that something amazing is right around the corner.”

Ah! Sustainable, heartfelt and beautiful. I’m a size 5…