Scarves are awesome. They suit everyone, they’re affordable, come in a multitude of styles and ultimately are totally functional! Here’s my pick of the 5 most stylish neck warmers this winter:

1. Two Tone Scarf from Urban Outfitters – twice the noise! I love this look and it’s made of jersey which is super comfortable (e.g. not scratchy at all, which is very important!). It also comes in a magenta-taupe colourway, which reminds me of crushed rose petals.

2. Waffle Pocket Scarf from Witchery. Ever sat at a chilly bus stop trying to wrap up your hands in a scarf because somehow you’d lost both gloves? The designer of this innovative scarf certainly has, integrating pockets into both ends. As well as being a sexy addition to any wardrobe, I appreciate the care that has gone into making this a human focused design.

3. This tangerine dream Flute Scarf from Country Road is amazingly chunky and bright, both imperative qualities of a great scarf. Wool is one of the warmest materials out there too! Snuggle up!

4. For something more wrap like, Anthropologie has the sweet Chevron scarf. Big and roomy enough to wrap all ways around your body.

5. Michael Kors is responsible for this delicious tie dyed scarf. If you feel like splurging this is the one for you – in one of the two gorgeous colours, lavender or lemon. Available from Net-A-Porter.

Gram design

Check out these awesome sneakers by Gram – I want them! I can imagine the green colourway being paired perfectly with black skinny jeans, while the crimson kicks could be matched with a simple white summer frock. Gram is a Swedish brand designed by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi, founded in Stockholm circa 2005.

From their design statement:

“In the weight of a shoe lies all it’s properties, expression, material, construction and quality. Weight reflects the simplicity of Gram, and also gives the impression of a shoe made to be used, designed to enhance the wearers own style without dictating or stealing attention.”

I have to disagree with one tiny pat of this – Gram shoes are sure to grab attention! Available from several global stockists such as Bloomingdales, and online from 111Vox.

Blu Graffiti Animation

Blu’s fantastic Muto stop motion graffiti seems like such a simple idea, but is absolutely amazing in execution. Roaming the streets of Buenos Ares, Blu spent a winter drawing and editing this marvel of motion, which is not only notable for it’s technique, but psychologically time twisting themes. He’s also created a few smaller pieces at the Tate in London, which you can check out on his blog. And if you’re super keen, Blu’s work is available to purchase at Studiocromie.


Milk Fed was founded in Japan, circa 1998 by the stylish and talented director Sofia Coppola and Stephanie Hayman. Reminiscent of Coppola’s Virgin Suicides characters, MilkFed is fun, quirky and eternally 17 years old.

The latest collection is a homage to California, as seen through the eyes of Japan – slightly twisted images that look ‘right’ on first inspection, before the charming flaws become apparent. MilkFed is available at Sofia’s store Heaven 27, which has outlets around Japan. For those of you not about to travel to the land of sakura and karaoke soon, MilkFed has kindly put up some fun desktop wallpapers & icons on their site.

From Huffer to infinity

New Zealand street brand Huffer’s latest collection (Winter 2008), Infinite Supersymmetry is a geometrical woolen wonderland. I really like the flexibility of their women’s pieces, perfect for layering your heart out. I actually purchased the Year Hood this weekend and am currently wearing it as a dress. Super comfy, grey marle cotton – it’s baggy in all the right places. I’m teaming it with with a black merino jersey and black leggings; rather good for slouching about in or walking around town. I am also rather keen on the Obstruction Hoodie and the Reflection Skirt (as seen above).

Rabbit trapping

As we are all aware, ombre (think of it as an intellectual fade or tie dye) is exceedingly popular right now. And who am I not to take advantage of this pleasing aesthetic… This scarf from Rabbit On The Run works the trend in a subtle way and is perfect for cold mornings! US$55 from Pixie Market or Rabbit On The Run. Also check out their other smoking goods, like this bold graphic cape.


1am, a fashion magazine, launched this week. Borne from the creative minds of Glenn and Amanda Hunt, it’s fashion in large format and tactile. This pair were the brains behind wishuwereherexxx magazine, which was luscious and brilliant (I dare say I still have a few issues hoarded somewhere), so I’m looking forward to this “monthly joyride of visual, mental and emotional stimulation”. The first issue, cover below, features the Lovefoxxx from crazy-sexy-insane CSS. Look out for it in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America.

The archives: Lee Hazlewood

I first heard the crooning of Lee Hazlewood while ensconced in the changing road of a K-Road boutique. However, at the time I was too wrapped up in trying on a complicated dress than to ask the shopkeeper who was currently riding the record player. Later that afternoon, a quick Google search for snow and buffaloes provided the goods.

After delving into his archives and checking out his musical history (why hadn’t I heard of him earlier?!), what struck me the most was Hazlewood’s sensational sense of style.

Hey there Lee Hazlewood

Here’s Lee and Nancy Sinatra performing ‘Some Velvet Morning’, for NBC’s television special “Movin’ With Nancy” in 1967.

Lee & Nancy

A man not afraid to accessorize (neither was Nancy!), Lee successfully modeled the Cyclops glasses, ruffles, the fleecy jacket, the handlebar moustache, aviators and cowboy chaps. A man of all trends, here’s to you, Lee!

What’s in your head?

Some deliciously dark thoughts are coming out of the head of artist Stephanie Metz. She meticulously constructs teddy bear skulls using felted wool. In her artist statement she describes the skulls as “… an elegant structural armature for life, something that reveals historical clues and hints at individual stories that may never be told. It is tangible evidence of a life lived—not just the death at the end of a life. I forget that for many people the skull mainly symbolizes tragedy and death.”

A playfully bleak take on a modern icon.

[via Street Anatomy]

Pure gold

If you haven’t heard of Santogold yet then very shortly you wont’ be able to get her out of your head. Described by a friend as the love-child of Rhianna and the Kings of Leon (an alt-pop baby), Santogold shimmies her vocal chords and leads you down an aural rabbit hole. Close friends with M.I.A. and other new breed musicians, Santogold is a girl for the 21st century. Her self titled debut album has a number of stand out songs including; L.E.S. Artistes (the video is astounding, reflecting the current fashion climate perfectly with a mix of buttoned up nostalgia and futuristic confusion), Lights Out and You’ll Find A Way (which screams to be remixed). Also noteworthy is her collaboration with Mark Ronson – ‘Pretty Green’ – a pretty wiggle worthy song for summer. Check out this interview in the Guardian for further confirmation of her rising star. The album Santogold is out May 12.