Literary style

If you haven’t taken the time to peruse The Paris Review’s interview archives, please do so now. My favourite interviews include William BurroughsJohn IrvingJoyce Carol Oates and Haruki Murakami ❤ … and that’s just the start of the list!

I find it particularly lovely that the Review includes snapshots of the author’s original manuscripts, all usually marked up to hell. Of course having the original magazines with their quirky covers would be fantastic, but it is such a gift to have the interview transcripts online to nibble away at at your leisure.

All of them offer so much joy, insight, awe and loads of inspiration. For example, I learned that Ms. Oates believes art is a genuinely transcendental function which allows humans to rise above limited states of mind; so therefore being in the “right mood” to create is a fallacy. Definitely food for thought. What does your favourite writer say? What can you learn from them, do they help you see the world differently?