Vidal Sassoon: the movie

This documentary charts the heady rise of hairdresser Vidal Sassoon from Jewish orphanage to the pinnacle of his craft. With Bauhaus-inspired hairdos he pioneered in the 60s and his wash and wear philosophy he revolutionised hairstyling and changed the world with a pair of scissors.

This is not a documentary about hair. It’s about style, passion, and self belief. I didn’t know the background to Sassoon’s empire prior to watching the documentary, but it is fascinating and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Did you know he took elocution lessons to dampen his East End/cockney accent?

“If you can get to the root of who you are and make something happen from it, my sense is you’re going to surprise yourself.” – Vidal Sassoon

Darcy Clay – Jesus I Was Evil

I’m hitting all my Kiwi music favourites up on  Youtube today. In less than two weeks I’m making my regular February pilgrimage to the sweet shores of Aotearoa. I always get really nervous before a trip home – what if everything has changed? What if I’ve changed too much? What if none of my friends love me anymore? What if I decide I can’t leave again? I just become a stressed out knot of feelings. I’m not ready to leave London yet, but New Zealand in the summer is just so damn amazing…

It’s Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes

While I was in New Zealand I was introduced to Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes, by my dear friend Graham (Hi G!) who happens to be a Babyshake himself. The story, as I understand it, is that Sal composed some swinging tunes for a university assignment and assembled a bunch of talented musicians to bring them to life, and at the end of it all, everyone was having such a good time they decided to commit to regular rehearsals and performances. How lucky for the music-loving public! I went to a show of theirs and I can confirm it was highly danceable, a rollicking time.

This is SV&tBS performing Everybody Get Loose in Rodney Fisher’s gorgeous backyard in Te Atatu. An EP is on the way, so keep an ear out.