Bike Valet

Bike storage and security is a serious issue. In London, you can’t just leave your bike leaning outside the dairy while you pop in for some milk. You need to lock that shiz up!

Chances are you live in a teeny little flat too, with not much lock-up space. In my current house we have 3 bikes littering the living room, which is a bit of a pain. I’ve researched how to best store my bike out-of-the-way, and my favourite find so far is Reclamation Art + Furniture’s Bike Valet:

Walnut Bike Valet

Walnut Bike Valet

The Bike Valet is wall mounted storage unit and a valet for your keys, wallet, bike and items you need put down when you pedal in the door.  Made from Urban Harvest Walnut with a natural hand rubbed, zero VOC oil finish.”

I can imagine this walnut unit working really well in a modern interior. Sadly, not with my bike – it has too many sexy curves – but for any straight lining fixie it’d be perfect.

For more of Steven Tiller’s smart, simple, and handmade designs take a look at

Library stacks

All going well, I will be moving into a new house soon (xx, those are my fingers; twisted, knotted and wishing). Starting with blank walls, and empty rooms. Some decor inspiration:

Kate Foley

Vintage Interior Style

The Selby

Hollister Hovey


Globe copper lamps, table and books

It turns out my decorating wish list is quite simple; a Chesterfield sofa with a velveteen blanket, a big solid work table, and lots of bookshelves. How is it, that despite arriving in England with one book, I have acquired a few dozen more in just 4 months? Oops!

Trip fund

Wishing, waiting, saving? These Trip Fund glasses made by the ever-clever Olivia Coote/Lily’s Make Believe are just the ticket.

Trip Fund Money Jar - Olivia Coote

Trip Fund Money Jar - Olivia Coote

One thing I have observed since moving to England is that there is SO MANY COINS. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 pence, 1 pound, 2 pound. Every time I buy something I’m given a small treasury in change. I find it especially strange coming from New Zealand, where we make most of our purchases on plastic. Here I have a purse full of shrapnel. I think a Trip Fund jar is definitely in order!


Everywhere I ever lived

Northboro Rd, Auckland

Beaumont St, Auckland

Farr Rd, Auckland

Cross St, Auckland

Eversleigh Rd, Auckland

Islington St, Auckland

South St, Auckland

Vermont St

Sunset Rd, Auckland

Federal St, Auckland

I am still enjoying the virtual travel lark. Here are some of my former residences in Auckland – from childhood to just last week. We moved around a lot, so there are quite a few far-flung addresses. I was feeling a little sentimental, and wanted to revisit some of these places, but really, who has the time?

My favourite picture is of Vermont St, Ponsonby; a big rambling flat next to a mosque. My favourite home? The one not on street view

Warmth in the winter gloom

I’m on day 5 of bed rest after having my tonsils out. OUCH. I don’t recommend it. Oh, I kid; it’s one of those no pain, no gain situations. I’m looking forward to being a lot healthier in the future!

Despite the mewling, I am making the most of my time at home and preparing for the move to England by going through some of the design snippets, magazines and ephemera I’ve collected over the years. There are piles of interesting stuff stashed away in my filing cabinet. One such thing was this Nest winter catalogue from 2007. Nest was a New Zealand homewares store that sold the prettiest things, and sparked my love for all thingsConran.

nest catalogue winter 2007

“It’s time: turn on the kettle and stir the pot,
pull up the quilt and cozy up.”

nest catalogue 2007 winter

nest catalogue 2007 living

nest catalogue 2007 sink

nest catalogue 2007 wall

nest catalogue 2007 washing

I like these spreads because they are very “New Zealand” – both the dark landscape, and the way the stylist has mixed high and low, old and new. Shiny new pots hanging by an old cooker, a satin dress on a spindly wire washing line. Actually, the first shot reminds me very much of my great grandfather’s house.

If you’re in the midst of winter too, I hope you’re staying warm. (And if it’s your summer – get off the internet!)  ❤


Yellow Houses

A simple musing, but why aren’t there more yellow houses? Sunny, cute adobes that smile out of grey streets. I’m dreaming of egg yolk weatherboards with robin blue trims. Apartment blocks that look like giant cadmium yellow liquorice all-sorts. Mini limoncello cottages…

Perhaps I need to journey to San Fransisco or perhaps Arles, as per Vincent’s suggestion… for that’s what paintings are, mostly provocations to go seek something for yourself.