Nasty Gal Vintage has moved off ebay (although not without controversy) to their own online store. These guys are serious full time vintage peddlers and hence, do come across some darling finds! Currently Nasty Gal has quite a good selection of dead stock frames up – there is a lot of eighties goodness there. My picks are the blue mirrored Testarossa Safety Shades, the rather sweet Eye Heart Glasses (in purple but they do have a range of colours) and the France Romance Shades*.

As flaunted above, I am always a fan of the bold retro eyeware look: on the left we have faux Ray-Bans with swallow detailing, and on the right Le Specs – Nu Ro Scenesters. I love the brash types that Karen Walker designs ad with which she has had a lot of success (her 2007 collection is particularly awesome). Looking good and not damaging your skin from all that squinting? Hot stuff!

*I just succumbed to the charms of the France Romance shades and hopefully will be receiving them in the mail soon!


Heavy Rotation

From humble beginnings as a small outfit selling iron-on prints in New York’s Lower East Side, Heavy Rotation have fast become my pick of the bunch as the forefront of excellent t-shirt design.

Merging the ’60s concept of fantastic orginal artwork with new ideas in print techniques, each season brings exciting advances in t-shirt and garment design which consistently stay ahead of the pack in the world of the t-shirt.

Each season keeps me excited and my wallet empty!

T-shirts available for both men and women, and also infants & tots.

USA: Heavy Tees
Intl: Palmercash

[Guest post by t-shirt connoisseur Zep]

Justin Smith | Millinery Habit

Milliner Justin Smith is rapidly making a name for himself (at Style.com no less!) with his handmade head ornaments. Moving from owning a successful London hair salon seems to have been a breeze, after a few short years he debuted a collection at London Fashion Week. While Philip Treacy is a genius, it’s nice to see another bold milliner coming out of the U.K.

His hats (for both men and women) are all saucy wee accessories, ready to dress your outfit up. I’m particularly loving the exaggerated beret. As Mr. Smith remarks in a Dazed Digital interview, in 10 years he sees himself as “tired”… and no doubt very successful!

Sandra Naylor | Stylist

The lovely Sandra Naylor is a up and coming stylist based in Melbourne, Australia. While her online portfolio isn’t huge yet, her work is pretty amazing, especially when it comes to women’s fashion shoots.

“She has a keen eye for trends and relishes the challenge of sourcing unique or obscure items. Originally from New Zealand, Sandra can oft be found hunting for treasures in the goldmine of Melbourne’s fabulous lane ways.”

I’ve had the joy of going vintage shopping in Melbourne with her and it was definitely an eye opening experience… I’m definitely looking forward to her future work with all the goodies she’s scooped up!

Photography by Matt Lowden, styling by Sandra Naylor.

Concrete Rings

Concrete rings from Designboom, designed by 22 design studio, Taiwan. There’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Taiwan now days. I’ve only been there on a one night stopover – I would love to go back and check out Taipei.

The concrete is an innovative use of an everyday resource. It reinforces that there is more to good design than using expensive materials. Good design is also driven by strong ideas, and in this case the design idea behind each ring is as inspiring as the aesthetics.. The corner ring, worn flat side out, is driven by the following:

“Turn a corner and discover a whole new world: new places, new faces, new heart spaces. Adding corners to the ring gives the sense of creating more breathing room for the person wearing this ring; building anticipation that something amazing is right around the corner.”

Ah! Sustainable, heartfelt and beautiful. I’m a size 5…

England Horst

From the May issue of Another magazine comes a beautiful spread, dripping with butterfly colours. I am definitely feeling all the Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen pieces. That would be because the stylist, Katie England has been a long-time collaborator with McQueen, working as a creative director.

And as for the garden? My god, it is unearthly gorgeous. Love, love, love it all.

The Transatlantic Price Divide

Exhibit A: one exceedingly desirable Marc by Marc Jacobs Fly Away T-shirt. Oh, I want this t shirt so badly! It doesn’t appear to be available from any store locally (nor Ebay), so I am resorting to online boutiques. Don’t get me wrong, I adore online shopping but sometimes I am just astounded. The source of this amazement is two contrasting prices for the shirt. From Net-A-Porter we have a price of approximately 61 pounds, plus shipping. However US store Standard Style comes in at US 68 dollars, plus shipping. I accept that shipping to NZ bumps the prices up for most things, so I haven’t included it here. So what gives with the almost US$51 price difference? Moral of the story kids – it pays to shop around, even online!

We Love You Too! Loulou Loves You Lingerie


Lingerie is an area where you can always make a personal style statement, no matter what the restrictions on your outer layers are. Loulou Loves You designs and makes the most delightfully flash knickers, as well as satiny bows, jackets and garters, all to be found on her pretty wee site.

“‘Loulou Loves You’ was born out of one girls personal love affair with lingerie. When she realised that she owned over eighty pairs of knickers and thought it was time that she turned this obsession into a business.”

I am particularly fond of the shiny pink Lou style knickers (as seen above) and the frilly black & white gingham Dorothys. You also can’t go past her Bow Emporium – full of lovely bows that will give all the folks a sneaky peek of what’s underneath. Perhaps it’s time to express the real you, the smoky eyed starlet lurking under the surface, with some shiny new delights?


Scarves are awesome. They suit everyone, they’re affordable, come in a multitude of styles and ultimately are totally functional! Here’s my pick of the 5 most stylish neck warmers this winter:

1. Two Tone Scarf from Urban Outfitters – twice the noise! I love this look and it’s made of jersey which is super comfortable (e.g. not scratchy at all, which is very important!). It also comes in a magenta-taupe colourway, which reminds me of crushed rose petals.

2. Waffle Pocket Scarf from Witchery. Ever sat at a chilly bus stop trying to wrap up your hands in a scarf because somehow you’d lost both gloves? The designer of this innovative scarf certainly has, integrating pockets into both ends. As well as being a sexy addition to any wardrobe, I appreciate the care that has gone into making this a human focused design.

3. This tangerine dream Flute Scarf from Country Road is amazingly chunky and bright, both imperative qualities of a great scarf. Wool is one of the warmest materials out there too! Snuggle up!

4. For something more wrap like, Anthropologie has the sweet Chevron scarf. Big and roomy enough to wrap all ways around your body.

5. Michael Kors is responsible for this delicious tie dyed scarf. If you feel like splurging this is the one for you – in one of the two gorgeous colours, lavender or lemon. Available from Net-A-Porter.

Gram design

Check out these awesome sneakers by Gram – I want them! I can imagine the green colourway being paired perfectly with black skinny jeans, while the crimson kicks could be matched with a simple white summer frock. Gram is a Swedish brand designed by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi, founded in Stockholm circa 2005.

From their design statement:

“In the weight of a shoe lies all it’s properties, expression, material, construction and quality. Weight reflects the simplicity of Gram, and also gives the impression of a shoe made to be used, designed to enhance the wearers own style without dictating or stealing attention.”

I have to disagree with one tiny pat of this – Gram shoes are sure to grab attention! Available from several global stockists such as Bloomingdales, and online from 111Vox.