Desert boots

I’m a little obsessed with Tanner desert boots. I now own four pairs, and pretty much wear them exclusively…! Made in Spain, they are really good quality – withstanding my daily thrashing. They also come in a multitude of great colours, plus they’re less than £30 a pair.


Pink & Blue Desert Boots

White Sand Desert Boots



Navy Desert Boots

Cute, no? I get mine at Macsamillion Of Oxford, at Oxford’s Covered Market. Hey, did you know most high quality leather in Europe comes from Spain? I didn’t but it transpires it’s where most of the Italian fashion houses source theirs.


Carven Map Dress

Dress of my dreams! Map of my desires! This silk dress from Carven features a re-coloured map print from the archives. If only I had a spare £455 – I’d buy it in a heartbeat. (You can buy it from MyWardobe if you do.)

Carven Map Dress

Gorgeous, no? I’m off to Oxfordshire tonight for a weekend of cinema, rambling, good company, and a few lovely meals. I’m sure all the while I’ll be thinking of this dress…

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Keep candles handy

(Warning: fashion boobs ahead) I’m really into double exposure right now. And this 2009 spread from i-D magazine called Keep Candles Handy, featuring  Alana Zimmer, is a great example of it done well. The interesting and varied textures marry well with strong silhouettes… producing ghostly, beautiful photographs.

Keep Candles Hand - iD magazine

Keep Candles Hand - iD magazine

Keep Candles Handy - iD magazine

Keep Candles Handy - iD magazine

Just some great eye-candy.

London fashion

It’s London Fashion Week now, and while I enjoy flicking through some of the pictures, I am surprising myself with my disdain for hub-bub and style dictation. Funny too, how the most revered of the stars, fashion industry insiders, bloggers, and models say balls to trends anyway, and just wear what they want. Dress how you want to dress, y’know. I remembered this quote from Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour by Kate Fox, one of my top books of 2011. It sums my general vibe up well:

“The most truly eccentric dresser in this country is the Queen, who pays no attention whatsoever to fashion, mainstream or otherwise, continuing to wear the same highly idiosyncratic style of clothing (a kind of modified 1950s-retro look, if you had to define it in fashion-speak, but very much her own personal taste) with no regard for anyone else’s opinion. Because she is the Queen, people call her style ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ rather than eccentric or weird, politely overlooking the fact that absolutely no-one else dresses in this peculiar way. Never mind the herds of street-sheep and their haute-couture imitators: the Queen is the best example of English sartorial eccentricity.”

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

A woman not afraid of primary colours, nor a hat!

Isson – Bauhaus Portraits

Isson is an Australian sunglass brand, founded by Catherine Federici. I first read about Isson in DumboFeather, and have always admired their avant-garde styles.  Recently, when doing some picture research on Bauhaus, I came across these wonderfully styled shots:

Isson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

Isson - Bauhaus SunglassesIsson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

Isson - Bauhaus Sunglasses

The Bauhaus collection was shot by Cybele Malinowski, and based around the idea of four eccentric characters who may have attended the school of Bauhaus in 1934. Read more about the different personas here. My favourite is the Alberta Albers image – I think it’s a combinaion of the turban, the chunky jewellery, and the vivacity of that little pug face.

Martha Sunglasses - Isson

As for the sunglasses – I would love to buy a pair of steam punk inspired Marthas – in tortoiseshell. Nice work, Isson.

The Perfect Christmas Sweater

I have found this year’s Christmas sweater at River Island. With its little velveteen ears, this fantastic fox sequin sweater would look just peachy in a sea of Crimbo horrors. It’ll make your all your friends jealous to boot…

Sequin Fox JumperSequin Fox Jumper

Want some more options? Creative Review has showcased a range of alternative Christmas jumpers by Andrew Salomone featuring designs by the likes of Anthony Burrill, Geneviève Gauckler and Siggi Eggertsson

Vintage Find: A Flock Of Birds

My new dress, bought at a car-boot sale for a fiver. I never ever used to wear red, but this year it seems to have crept into my wardrobe more and more. Maybe it’s a reaction to my darkening environment (British Summer Time ended today). The print reminds me of these beautiful photos of birds in flight by Sarah McLean.

flock dress

From what I can tell it’s a Japanese brand – DELICE by DOLCAS Tokyo Style Co. Searching doesn’t reveal much but I’d like to know more!


Gotta Put On Shades Because The Future’s So Bright

Designer Karen Walker has just released her summer 11/12 eye wear range. And as always, the frames are bright, a bit nutty and immensely covetable. From top to bottom: Betty, Soul Club, Keep The Faith, Fight On in wood, Fight On in tortoise, and the multifaceted Vava. Isn’t the pattern detail cute?

Betty - Karen Walker SunglassesSoul Club - Karen Walker SunglassesKeep The Faith - Karen Walker Sunglasses

Fight On Yellow - Karen Walker Sunglasses

Fight On Red - Karen Walker Sunglasses
Vava - Karen Walker Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, I adore mad, oversized shapes – and KW has absolutely nailed it with this collection.  Can’t wait to see these bunny faces out on the street!