The green streets of London

Hackney Bicycle Stand

I spotted this bike rack while walking around Shoreditch on Sunday. It’s designed to only take up the space of one car but provides lock-up space for 10 bikes. There are three of them in Hackney – and if they prove popular, the car will be replaced by permanent cycle parking and the bike racks will move on to new locations. Great idea – and a great way for people to visualise the positive impact cycling has on their environment.

Alfa Beta – A Foodie Alphabet

I adore this tasty looking alphabet by Vidhya Nagarajan, especially her unusual and clever culinary choices. N for naan? Perfect! (By the way, I think Thom and I found the perfect East London curry last night – pillowy naans and onion bhajis as big as your fist. A feast for £18.60). M for Maldon almost glimmers, but my favourite of all the letters is the sweet little quail egg. See more of Vidhya’s work here.

Foodie Alphabet by Vidhya Nagarajan

Quail Q by Vidhya Nagarajan

[Via The Fox is Black]