Goodbye Code For Something, hello Sonderous

It’s been 10 years (!) since I first started writing a personal blog, and a good 18 since I started warbling on Livejournal ♥️📝

What a trip it’s been. Moving countries, travel, broken hearts and cameras, brilliant gigs, finally getting a dog, and a variety of mouse infested apartments… Lots of glamour, I can tell you. I’ve also scored great jobs, opportunities and wonderful friends out of it.

While I no longer post here – selfies and outfits of the day feel so far away from where I am today – I have started posting on It’s a new space for me, reflective, curious and ambitious. How can we be better people? Why are things that way? How can we be radically honest with ourselves? How can we tackle complex problems with great heart? What is the meaning of life? Yep, the easy stuff.

Join me.