Spring & change

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but a few updates for anyone who still may be reading. (Hi mum!)

I’ve thrown the towel in at my PR agency job. I’ve been in agency land – design, advertising, PR – for 12 years now, which is insane. I’m possibly institutionalised and need a break, a different way of working…

You may recall last summer, when I was grounded on UK soil while my visa was processed, that I took a coding course. I really enjoyed it, and it stretched my brain in all sorts of new and agonising (that’s Javascript) ways. More than that, I felt inspired by their mission to help more women succeed in technology and beyond. Plus the founder, Anisah, and Kate, lead teacher, are wonderful, warm and funny humans who I feel like I’ve known for eons.

I don’t know how it really came up (or who said it first) but at some stage the suggestion was made that I should join full-time. So I am. Goodbye ridiculous salary, job that I can do with my eyes closed and client services; and onwards to start-up life, bootstrapping and flinging myself into the unknown as the 23 Code Street marketing manager.

Before I do this, I’m heading to Dubai, Melbourne and Auckland to catch up with my friends and whanau. I’ve never even transited through the Middle East (despite the number of times I’ve criss-crossed the planet) and I haven’t been to Melbourne since 2009.

New season, new me.

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