Tampon Club

We need to talk about periods more. At 23 Code Street we have an ongoing joke that its not really a conversation unless we’ve talked about them (in fact we even have a designated emoji for it… Cue the Japanese ogre). However in the everyday its a subject that a lot about it goes unsaid, unless someone is making a snarky comment about that time of month.

I read a post on Medium by 23CS teacher Jenny Brennan describing ‘We have an office problem. Period.’ and it sent me down a rabbit hole of outrage… Why don’t offices that supply their workers with every edible whim supply sanitary products to staff and visitors? It doesn’t cost that much and it would get a positive reaction. I’ve recently visited both Google and Thoughtworks in London, who supply a selection of tampons and pads – and funnily enough the women I were there with can’t help but talk about it – it’s such a delight to see (like when they pop hairspray in the bathroom at a wedding), when it should be a totally normal occurrence.

From Jenny’s post I discovered tampon.club, a resource for people wanting to engage in a little bit of bathroom activism /courtesy.

Tampon ClubIt’s a call to arms – inspiring people to a) get an official looking container b) gather an initial supply of sanitary products c) make them publicly accessible – in your work’s stalls/bathroom cupboards etc. and d) spread the word.

Here are my efforts – not that it took much to pop into Muji for a container and request some snazzy looking stickers via Twitter:

Tampon Club box

I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond at work to this idea, and of course the conversations it may inspire.