Let’s Get Digital

Let's Get Digital

This might need to be renamed Let’s Get Digital (And Other Stories), because, as ever, I get drawn to stories about work, income, creativity and lifestyle. That’s no bad thing.

  • Gemma Hinnett has written about how apps make her morning more efficient – I can definitely relate to this! Thank the traffic gods for Citymapper – it saves my commute every morning.
  • Fun fact time: Facebook Live now has an audio-only mode for all the podcasters (face-shy people) out there. I see this as a fantastic opportunity to connect with screen-free smart devices such as the Amazon Echo.
  • What Homer Simpson’s 100+ jobs tell us about America’s middle class – I love this analysis. Interestingly the top four highest paid jobs are all STEM related, and Homer’s stint as a webmaster comes in at number 20 on the pay-scale.
  • What non design skills helped you develop as a designer (or coder or artist or scientist)?
  •  The State of Social Media in 2016 – a year in review by Callum McCahon. There is some food for thought here – namely with regards to Twitter (no, my beloved, don’t die!) – so worth a read.
  • Some interesting thoughts on 2017 retail trends from appear here: however in my mind they are all key to doing well in any sector this year. Community. Humanity. Integration.
  • Start 2017 right with good tunes – connect your Shazam account to your Spotify and auto-build a playlist of new discoveries. Simply head to your Shazam account settings page and link them up.  [via Michael Moran]
  • TIP: Ban Word bugs from your WordPress posts! Sick of cutting and pasting from Word, only for formatting gremlins to appear? plain-text-copyUse the ‘Paste as text’ button to ensure everything is pasted everything as plain text. Prefer a more permanent solution? Install this plugin.