Learning to code

How would you instruct someone to make a cup of tea if they had never done it before? This was a logic exercise we tackled in the very first session of 23 Code Street.

It sounds like a rather random activity on first consideration, but making a cup of tea, switching on a light or firing up your favourite website… These are all things we take for granted in our everyday life. But how does it all work?

Enter: the coding class – 12 weeks of getting to grips with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, SQL and an introduction to Python. All in the company of a great group of women who are also starting at the beginning.

As I’ve been declining any social invitations for Monday and Thursday nights, people inevitably ask, ‘Why do you want to learn to code’? Good question. Code is at the heart of what I do for a living – taking people’s ideas and bringing them to life online. Let’s be honest, I spend most of my working hours on the internet and embarrassed to say my coding experience ended about the same time MySpace fell out of fashion!

So far the bits and pieces of HTML and CSS I’ve gleaned I have been able to instantly implement: I’ve edited my employer’s website to use HTML class attributes and change font specifications with one line of code, and made sense of a website brief with regards to being mobile adaptive vs responsive.

Responsive - Adaptive


It’s said that “Diversity increases innovation and success,” and innovation is something that really motivates me. I also hope that learning the mechanics will help me bridge the knowledge gap for my clients and be a better part of my team.

At the end of the course I also would like to create a website/service for my industry that I’ve spotted a gap for, as well as an online portfolio… Watch this space!