I visited Lille, in northern France, last weekend for a city break. Why Lille? It’s one stop on the Eurostar from London on the way to both Brussels and Paris, and I was always curious as to what lay beyond the station platform.Lille

It turns out Lille is a very picturesque city that borders with Belgium, with everything you want in a French getaway – a big Sunday morning food and flea market; numerous patisseries; Europe’s biggest bookstore.


Did I mention as well, on a fast train, it’s only one hour and twenty minutes from London St. Pancras? That’s the same time it can take to get to Birmingham!

city-bike-lillecoffee-cups-franceThese cups remind me of my friends Monica and Graham! The beautiful and the beautifully bearded.Companions of the Grape

Dinner one night was at Les Compagnons de la Grappe (the companions of the grape). While it was a little chilly outside in the evening, it was fun to sit in the courtyard and admire their insane murals. I love the gnome!
Pride eclairsIt was Lille Pride while I was there, and I very much admired these exquisitely decorated eclairs. Printed, perhaps?

Suze - Lille

I spent Sunday morning in the suburb of Wazemmes, around a half hour’s stroll from the city centre. I love flea markets… The suburb where I grew up, Takapuna, had a market every Sunday morning in the central car park from 6am until 12pm, and it was a rare weekend when we didn’t pop in for fruit and veggies, homemade soap, paint or some other errand. This one in Lille, has a similar hodge-podge of goods at its heart, including women’s shoes for two euros!

Mirror, Lillehortensia PatisserieBadminton Raquets french-pupI would definitely visit Lille again – it’s a cheaper(!), more relaxed alternative to Paris. Certainly less tourists in town… Perhaps in September for Grande Braderie de Lille – Europe’s largest flea market.