To be frank


In 2013, a lot happened. It was not a sedentary year by any means.

I roamed the world: Brussels, New Zealand, delightful Istanbul, Switzerland and Italy by train with my mum and aunts, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, back to New Zealand for my darling sister’s wedding, and then to Boston.

My main man opened a bar (more on that soon!) and I bought an apartment in the South Pacific. We hung most of the art in our London flat – a minor victory for the lazy renter. I discovered I really, really like sanding and varnishing, and email design. I am not ashamed to say I acquired at least 20 new-to-me vintage dresses either. I’ve managed my finances better, explored numerous new recipes, and oh yes, the year we open a cocktail bar, I stopped drinking. How ironic. It’s been 8 months now, and well, I don’t have a hangover today so I guess that’s a bonus!

That said, some things didn’t go so well. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for a good chunk of 2013, and I didn’t really manage a “work-life” balance. I didn’t write very much or take as many photos – which is a shame because these two things really are my ‘outlets’. Forget about jogging, I think I went for two runs in the last year.

So, a few resolutions – they seem to stick better when you make a public declaration:

– Expand my horizons: practice my French
– More making: complete one personal creative project a month
– Capture: a photo a day on Instagram
– Stretch: a daily writing practice (beyond my professional work)
– Slow down: always a challenge, but I’ve been baking my own bread – how else can I slow things down in my daily life?
– Less consumerism: more thrifting, more recycling, more Kiwi ingenuity.

Here’s to a fresh new year! Wishing you all the best.