A year, distilled


Last weekend I read a blog post by Penelope Trunk in which she said, “Gen Y mistakes the speed of the Internet for their own speed”. Which resonated a lot, like a little bell inside my brain. The fast pace of the internet is not my life (even though it is the nature of my job, hello March content plans). However in the real world, time plods. My grandmother would not have any sort of anxiety in telling her friends about the successes of her year in January, so if I want to blog about 2012 on January the 16th, I can.

In 2012, I started a new dreamy job at a digital agency in Clerkenwell, where I have made the best pals who I enjoy drinking cocktails with regularly. I visited Paris (twice), Barcelona, the Scottish Highlands and Norwich. I travelled through the Moroccan countryside in a taxi for three hours with a sheep in the trunk. I witnessed a year go past in one house, which made me feel stable. I fell in love with London, and I stayed in love. I worked my butt off and spent more time on Facebook than a normal human should. I also paid off a shit-ton of debt, which is not very sexy to talk about on the internet, but it is the achievement I am most proud of in 2o12. I drank wine and ate cheese in a 122 year old wine bar, then returned there to welcome the new year in.

Do I tag this post nostalgia?