Dreary, beautiful December

Festive nudity

Merry Christmas! I’m sitting next to a fire in a country house, in my pajamas, surrounded by a pile of presents and listening to rock-dinosaur Rod Stewart croon Christmas tunes. It’s lovely, but I felt like giving Code For Something a little love. December has been so busy! A whirlwind of drinks with friends, working my butt off, dealing with house drama… It’s nice to be sitting down.

East London Walk

The weather this month has been all over the place, arctic earlier, but lately it’s been mild, around 10°C. Here are two photos I took walking to work; one day was cold and clear with ice on the canal, the next humid and rainy.

Festive treats

Festive treats, one from Secret Santa at work, the other a lemon curd and raspberry trifle – adapted from this recipe. Cheating with trifle is winning at life.


Secret Swedish passwords, beer on the train home, a glass of Veuve and a sunset… I love that December’s festive spirit means it’s acceptable to drink booze at any time of the day. Mulled cherry beer is the tastiest thing ever invented!


I’m now busy making plans for 2013, and dreaming up resolutions. Looking into the crystal ball it looks like there’s a lot of travel ahead… NYC or Istanbul at Easter? My mum is flying over in the summer and we’re heading to Italy with my aunts, which will be amazing. And of course flying back to New Zealand in 35 days (not that I’m counting, squeak).

Everything is going to be glorious! Hope all is well with you and yours in the world.