Fresh starts

Fresh starts are often made at the beginning of a new calendar year, when people move cities, when a significant birthday passes. So an anonymous, plain faced Saturday night at the end of November doesn’t strike me as a very auspicious date. But it was the day I accidentally deleted four years of blog posts. It looks like the only way I can recover them is to copy, paste and scrape every word out of an RSS feed, but at over 1000 posts, life’s too short.

So here is Code For Something, reborn again.

I am eagerly awaiting the development of 6 rolls of film from Morocco. If even one frame is as nice as this shot I took in China in 2009, I’ll be pleased.

4 thoughts on “Fresh starts”

  1. Hey is there any way you could send me the post you wrote about Auckland best vintage shops? I came back to look for it as I wanted to check some of them out but I see you lost your posts :(

  2. Hey Charlotte, no problem. The great deletion of 2012 only happened two days ago, so I’m still hunting around for bits and pieces. I’ll put it back up as soon as I can and send you the link.

  3. Hi Amber, I just feel compelled to write and let you know that in recent months I have read every single word of your blog and I have LOVED it all. I feel as if you’re a new friend of mine and so I want to say, take heart about your lost posts. Even though some have vanished, they still live on in the hearts and minds of your readers. I love the simplicity and freshness of your blog. You are inspiring to me. Thank you for all you do.

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