To the Highlands I

Our Scotland adventure got off to a weird start. Laura and I flew to Edinburgh on Monday night, staying for the night in a hostel. When we checked in, the lackadaisical receptionist keyed in our details, looked up, and declared me a pineapple, and Laura a mushroom. Our spirit produce? All would become clear as we got to our room, which was pizza themed. Not exactly the Gaelic experience we were expecting!

It was fine for the night though, and the next morning we were up bright and early. We jumped into our tour van, and headed towards Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument.

Stirling Castle
stone & rock

After waving at Hamish the Scottish coo, we crossed over the fault line from the low lands into the Highlands taking in the majesty of Loch Luibnaig, Loch Earn, Glen Ogle and Glen Dochart.


From there we headed north to Rannoch Moor and into gorgeous Glencoe. Jagged rocks, seeping earth and high hills the colour of mustard.


highland mustard

icing sugar

Finally, live fish at a truck stop. No idea what kind, or where the wee fish were going, but it made my day:

Live fish

All photographs taken on 35mm with a Canon AE-1 camera.