Vintage in Angel: a mini review

Strange beasts in Angel.

Today I explored the treasures of Angel/Islington with Mikey and Thom – coming across this shop: S Cohen’s Costumier & Furrier on White Conduit Street. Here’s a wide-angle shot of the store – strange beasts abound!

But if you’re after the good stuff (with minimal hassle!), head to Islington High Street/Camden Passage.There’s a fair few vintage stores, and antique stalls, but Fat Faced Cat is my favourite. It has an especially excellent menswear section, and the friendly guy behind the counter has happy to offer advice and let us know if elusive sized boots are in stock. I also found my future wedding dress there – a gorgeously delicate 1960′s gold frock. I also love popping my head in at Annie’s Vintage, for designer pieces and cheap silk scarves, and Turn On Antique Lighting for loads of old lamps. (That all said, I’ve still got so much to see around here so let me know if I’ve missed a trick!)

Finish your shopping off with a delicious affogato at The Elk in the Woods across the road. This one tasted as good as it looks!