Oxfordshire Weekend


(Photo by Emma)

Elements of  a lovely weekend:

+ Spending Saturday afternoon wandering the streets of Oxford
+ Running a few rolls of 35mm film through my Canon AE-1
+ Enjoying a pint at the Turf Tavern, a 13th century ale house
+ Watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at Oxford’s lovely Phoenix Picturehouse
+ Drinking a lot of nice red wine, including some from Wairau River (a taste of home)
+ Dashing through the snow and into a cozy pub, for another round of culinary delights
+ Excellent and hilarious company

It was nice to get out of London, and relax. London is its own little bubble, and sometimes when I go into the country I have this funny feeling. It’s  like I suddenly realise I am overseas! It feels very British out there in the home counties and beyond. Tea, pubs with Sunday roast, thatched roofs, hedgerows, polo clubs… It’s all very picture-book.